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  1. As it's software based, maybe you can just buy it with Wii-points at the Wii shop channel.
  2. Call of Duty Wii

    wiihatenintendo.com was registered by Jeremy Parish : So I presume it's this guy.
  3. NE Wii playtime in a few hours - questions?

    It would be cool if every n-europe member from Belgium could meet up there. I'm not sure if I can come though. My schedule is pretty full (it's not easy being rich and famous )
  4. VC European Misery Rumour

    But MSX did come out in Europe ! I clearly remember seeing them in (big) stores.
  5. 8th of December is a friday. So you only have to make sure you get enough sleep sunday night
  6. Wii Hardware Discussion

    Is that from "Learning japanese : lesson 1" ? In Lesson 2 : "Father is playing Zelda. He is very happy."
  7. Wii Ethernet kit coming...

    You know, at work I use a USB->Ethernet adapter (I use 2 networks at the same time, and my crummy PC can't handle another PCI card) I use the Dlink DUB-E100 : And that brick costs, when you order it directly from Dlink, $39.99 So 30 euros for the better looking Nintendo version is far from "sickening". It's not cheap, but it doesn't look like Nintendo is trying to rip you off. PS : the Dlink adaptor sometimes stops working when you unplug another usb device and the only thing to get it to work again is to reboot your PC.
  8. Well, that means I'll have 4 x 'Wii Points Prepaid Card 5.000 + Classic Controller'. 4 classic controllers and 20000 points to spend. Sounds good to me.
  9. Thanks. I just hope my comment has made him think.
  10. Wii games price drop has started!

    What are all those old people doing here? Can't you lot leave this forum for young people like me?
  11. Solitanze, as you put so much faith into review scores, I bet Driv3r must have a special place in your heart.
  12. Wii Hardware Discussion

    My wallet is lazy and doesn't like to carry much, so I'm doing it a favour.
  13. wikipedia vandalized

    That was just me pulling a prank though.
  14. Pong 2 got cancelled?:shock: Why didn't anyone tell me? I've been waiting for so long !
  15. Sunlight Kills Wii?

    Well, as far as I know, the sensor bar isn't a sensor bar at all. It's just a bar with a few IR-leds in it. The camera on the wiimote sees those leds and uses it to calculate what part of the screen its pointing at. So the technique is very different from a normal remote, where there's a simple sensor on your TV that responds to simple pulses. But with normal leds, if the sun or another bright lightsource is shining on them, it's often hard to see if they're on or off. I presume it's the same with IR-leds and IR-lightsources. So there's not much they can do to remedy this short of totally changing the way the wiimote works. But that's no problem for me, as I don't very often see that blue room with the fireball anyway.