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  1. Rayman Origins

    Is it just me, or is the second level in the demo incredifuckingbly difficult? As in unfair difficult. Edit: Been playing it more, died about 20 or 30 times, I swear that if this is any indication of the quality of the game, that I'll never fucking buy it. Seriously, it's not that I'm bad at platformers, this level is seriously fucking unfair in pretty much every way possible. The first level was fine, enjoyable even, but this second one... Fuck, what the hell happened?
  2. Macbook Air vs ?????

    If you're looking for saving a lot of money, and will only be using it for basic usage, I'd recommend the Asus eee PC X101H (which I'm using right now). Not only is it amongst the cheapest netbooks on the market, it's also the second thinnest (the thinnest being the X101, which uses a small capacity SSD), it's extremely well built for the money, and due to it using the Pineview platform for it's CPU and also using DDR3 ram, it definatly runs better than the average netbook. If you want more ram memory in it, it's extremely easy and cheap to upgrade it to a 2GB ram stick. (just a case of removing a panel from the back, popping out the old stick and in with the new) Edit: It's currently available from Argo's at around 199 pounds, although I would've thought you'd be able to get it cheaper if you search around (I got mine for about 185€, or 154 quid)
  3. All-in-One PCs

    I wouldn't really recommend an All-in-One PC unless you're really tight for space. If any components malfunction in it, or you want to replace a part for a more powerful or higher capacity one, generally it's a pain in the arse, or downright impossible (often, parts like RAM, Processors, Graphic Cards, etc are soldered directly to the Motherboard, thus making them almost impossible to replace). If anything goes wrong, chances are that you'll have to return it to the manufacturer. Plus, having a normal desktop PC is a lot cheaper, and it's much easier to maintain.
  4. Funny Stuff Thread

  5. The Android Thread

    Avoid the Archos 101. I've returned two (the second time for a refund) since the speakers kept buggering up, plus the touch screen would uncalibrate itself frecuently and it had barely any ram (256MB is just not enough). Dell Streak 7 can be got on the cheap, and they recently released an official update for it to Honeycomb 3.2, and although I don't own one, I've played around with one and it seems quite decent.
  6. quick gfx card help

    One thing you should always have in mind is the type of RAM it uses. Sometimes, it can be worth getting a graphic card with a lower model number which has GDDR5 RAM, which will generally result in a larger performance boost when gaming than, say, a higher up model that uses DDR3 or GDDR2 RAM. Here's the same graphic card that I use on Play.com, it only costs £89.99 with free delivery, in my experience you can run most games on full settings on it, including new games (Just Cause 2 runs like a charm on it with everything at tops)
  7. RAGE

  8. Looking for a new laptop

    The Asus Eee PC X101, althought it isn't out just yet (it will be soon), it might just be up your street, since it's designed around casual browsing (it uses MeeBo OS) and it's extremely thin and light (it only weights around 900gr, I think), plus, it's extremely cheap, starting at 169€.
  9. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy

    More details from GoNintendo