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  1. Pacquiao vs Hatton

    everyone saw this coming a mile away but not in that fashion, so dissapointed, went into town o watch the fight as well, thats def the end of hatton, supposed we have pac vs mayweather and haye to look forward to....... o man even as a boxing fan i cant face that... sad day for british boxing
  2. Weightlifting - your tips and techniques

    i really need to start on this sort of thing again, working full time has put a halt to most of it and i am rapidly losing shape, faster than i though possible! Wyhen i first started work i was fine, kept the same routine and when i had less tiome i bought some protein which worked great and i got better even doing less work.... recently i have worked extensive hours and when i dont work i eithe reat crap food or drink... its only been since before xmas its amazing how u can deteriorate. What i would reccomend though it getting some protein shake, the stuff really does help, even if your only drinking a small amount, along with push ups and dumb-bell presses, thats all i ever did and i had a decent shape. Full time jobs with forced over time are the enemy!
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    If you have an xboxlive silver account can you still play multiplayer online for arcade games you buy? Interrested in buying age of booty but wont buy it if i have to get a gold membership to play online aswell
  4. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    i'm playing through eternal sonata for the first time at the moment, i'm on chapter 6 and am really enjoying it to be honest. As already stated the voice acting is a bit crap i places but the music is great! I dont like having to play as kids in rpg's though and a couple of the main chars in this are >.<
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Started eternal sontata today.. pretty good stuff! I love the colourful graphics and the music is great aswell. I'm not sure about the battle system yet or the story yet and the cut scene go very slowly, but overall would say i'm enjoying it!
  6. 360 Quality

    had my 360 with 2 wireless pads for 2 months now and no problems, finger crossed!
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    lol, sry yeah i ment mass effect. Guess ill buy sonata then, going pretty cheap online. Is there any sort of release date out for ME2? Is the dlc for ME worth downloading aswell? its seems a bit expensive =/
  8. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    I'm loving my 360 at the moment. Playing through too human for the second time on hardcore, though it doesnt seem that much harder.... but anyways! basically i need another RPG; Blue dragon, Lost Odyssey or Eternal Sonata. Which should i get???
  9. Job-Hunters...UNITE!

    I managed to get a graduate job confirmed last week after loads of interviews and those crappy assesment centres = good news. Pay isnt great for first 12 months as ill just be training so wont be any better off, probably worse off due to council tax and all that jazz But its a start! P.S. Temping agencys all the way for summer jobs, no many people are gonna employ and train you just for 2 months, its a waste of time and money on their half
  10. Where can a 16 year old get a job?

    Look job agency up in the local phone book and do some factory work. If you have a local market go there and ask for some cash in hand labour or something.
  11. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Finnaly got a 360 a few days back with Forza 2 and Viva Pinata, liking it so far, great stuff. Got COD4 preowned aswell and it doesnt work - disc scratched so have to take that back before i can play it >.< I wanted a snowboarding game but i have heard amped 3 isnt all that good, would it be better to get amped 2 or even ssx? i know the shawn white game is coming out aswell which looks ok
  12. how long before you fight do you have to weigh in for tae kwon do? you could just slightly dehydrate yourself beforee you weight in and drink after... P.S. you can drink diet soda's. i have lost loads of weight over the last year or so and i drink well over 1L of diet coke a day. Its 0 calories =/ Sure its got crap in but so does everything if you look at the ingredients list (unless its a carrot or something) Just watch what you eat and check the calorie count on stuff you eat. You soon learn what to eat and what not to eat i.e. instead of buying a pack of buiscuits and eating like half the pack watching tv i hardly eat them at all now, they are killer lol
  13. Official Wrestling Thread

    watched it, though it was OK. first wrestling event i have watched in a long long time, the only reason i did watch is because i saw the ric flar induction earlier today and wanted to see his last match. V Basic thoughts: The main event was a good match the 3 way match, basic, and didnt make mcuh sense the whole way through... maybe flair should have been in this one. Flair vs hbk : flair doing what he can do at his age, i thought hbk would be finished after the moonsault onto the annoucement table, though he had legit hurt his ribs at some point there womens match : wtf is this shit ladder match: ok, a couple of decent spots and new things... nothing ground breaking... Why dont they use tables in these anymore... it breaks the falls and makes the spots look much better. I still remember edge and christian placing the table as a platform above the ring between the two ladders all those years ago, why dont we see this sort of stuff these days????!?
  14. Losing an hour :(

    thanks for the heads up.... there is an event i want to watch tonight at 3am and this may have seriously messed up my timings if i didnt know!
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    it seems i have been waiting for the xbox 360 price drop for so long... now its come i dont want it as i have my final for my degree in may! def gonna buy one after that though, cant wait! EDIT: what are the best 360 deals around. i sae one for a premium with viva pinata, forza + extra controller and halo 3 for abou 240 or something and thought that was ok, anyone know any better, i def want a premium as i want to get on live at some point.