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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    Got mine delivered today, doesn't seem to be any stars with it. Think it will register automatically when I do system transfer?
  2. Hyrule Warriors

    The item you see on the square is the item you can get from that level, you need to use the compass item to show you the twinkle, then use certain items to unlock the bonuses on that level.
  3. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I have 1 code if anyone still wants one. And.....Gone.
  4. Nintendo 3DS Direct - 29/08/2014 - 12pm

    I do believe they said it would work with the 3DS charger.
  5. Nintendo 3DS Direct - 29/08/2014 - 12pm

    well thats his megaton he was expecting
  6. I dont know if anybody has said this but parts of the cloak that link removes looks like the cloak midna is wearing at the end of twilight princess, also the guntlets shes wearing have a similar pattern to the tech of the arrow head.
  7. Bayonetta 2

    I had zero interest in this game, but watching the treehouse live has actually got me excited for this game.
  8. Wii U General Discussion

    I played 7 and a half hours on mario kart last night and the battery light still hadn't come on. Pretty good considering it only lasted 3 to 3 and a half hours before.
  9. Mario Kart 8

    Got an email from Nintendo with download code and also to guarantee delivery before noon tomorrow.
  10. ZombiU

    I do believe that the sniper uses carbine ammo, I got lucky in terms of ammo for both the carbine and crossbow bolts as I killed a corpse of somebody who had 36 rounds for the carbine and 24 bolts for the crossbow:)
  11. ZombiU

    I did the exact same thing hopping to find some rare loot beyond the flames:( There was an update, not sure what it did though. Think I heard somewhere that it added chicken mode.
  12. Tried to use the youtube app and it crashed to the point where I had to turn the console off from the switch. anybody else have this happen? Deleted the app as soon as I restarted as running youtube through the browser is faster anyway.
  13. It's got a leaflet that's it. Haven't played the game yet though.
  14. No nuketown 2025 ticket but it does come with stars.