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Battlefield V — 20th November 2018

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Played this for a few days and they've nailed all the core aspects of the game - the large capture zones, the gunplay, the movement; pretty much everything. Like in past Battlefield games I love how it rewards creative positioning - choosing the right flanking options, stuttering your runs to avoid sniper fire, vaulting in and out of buildings to lose enemies, leading enemies into explosives traps, sliding backwards into newly-formed craters to dodge enemy fire, crawling prone through bushes to hide from an enemy squad... it's so much more visceral than any other multiplayer shooter out there.

The squad play seems to have miraculously improved since the beta. Even if you're in a squad with strangers, they'll generally work together towards the objectives set by the squad leader. Dice have also found the right balance with the attrition system, meaning ammo and health supplies are scarce enough to make you think tactically about your approach, while not being so scarce as to be frustrating. Tickling an enemy for damage at range often matters for something, as they won't necessarily be able to regain their health unless they find a supply station. The best thing about the attrition system is that it keeps players moving around within each capture point to resupply their resources, so camping is heavily penalised. Conquest capture zones are now much larger, which makes for more interesting battles. There's enough room to hide in if you're trying to capture the point alone while you wait for your squad to spawn on you, but there's also an indicator which shows the balance of teammates vs enemies in the zone (letting you estimate the approximate number of enemy players nearby, and where they might be given the position/spread of your teammates). It gives you just enough information to work with without explicitly telling you the location of enemy players. In fact, there's hardly any radar spotting in the game, so training your eyes and ears on the actual environment more important than ever.

In past Battlefields you'd usually have to sit within 20 feet of a flag to cap it, which limited your positioning choices as an attacker. Now you can come in from a variety of angles and take cover in a number of places while still making progress on the objective, whereas before you were funneled into a narrow and dangerous area ripe for grenade spam.

Uploaded a couple of my highlights from yesterday evening (only really viewable in HD)

Taking out a tank ("baby a triple!") and an armoured car:

Sneaky flank boy:


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