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Marvel-ous Monday!!

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Alpha Flight #3

Isabel St. Ives grew up in the 1800s on a grand plantation. However, she did not have a happy upbringing and was often beaten by her father. One day, during one of her many attempts to run away from home, she came across an ancient tomb buried in a mountain.

Inside she discovered Nemesis, a mystical sword with an almost single atom thickness blade. The sword was so sharp it was able to cut through the space-time continuum.

One night, her father was being particularly violent, and Isabel used the sword on him. He was sliced to pieces and horrified, Isabel fled into the future.

She became an urban legend and donned a suit of armour made from assorted armour from the past and future. She eventually ended up in the present day where she met Alpha Flight and joined their team. She hoped that by fighting for justice, she would be forgiven for the murder of her father.

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