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  1. Nice to finally see NST return to the original DK94 style of gameplay, even if it is a remake. Wonder if they’ll end up reviving the scrapped level editor that was supposed to be in the original GBA game… or perhaps the e-Reader levels that previously went unreleased.
  2. Contra: Operation Galuga (Early 2024)

    At first, when I saw the game on the ND, I was like… … then when they said it was being done by Wayforward… Defo keeping my eye on this one
  3. PC version ~3 months later? Nice
  4. The eShop page does mention there being new puzzles, so I suspect that those puzzles will end up getting replaced… Either way, I’m loving this recent Nintendo Adventure Game revival trend
  5. Well I guess we know where the Gulf War Game Boy has gone now
  6. Game was done by NST (as per the credits). First 99 game not to be done by Arika!
  7. Hey! Something that actually uses the right Joycon’s IR camera! Awesome! @RedShell? This one’s for you
  8. Very very remake/remaster heavy Direct. You can really tell that we’re coming to the end of the Switch’s lifecycle now. At least everything looks great though!
  9. Does this… does this count as a new F-Zero game?
  10. The craziest part about this move is that Unity are doing this when they’re in a position of weakness. They’ve been continuously losing ground to Unreal for years, and recently the likes of Godot, Construct and GameMaker Studio have been eating their lunch… so now is the time where they start acting like Mr Big Balls? Genius.
  11. Can’t help but feel that going Directly head to head against the ND isn’t the smartest of ideas here… but hey, you do you Sony. The only thing I really want are standalone releases of Daytona 2 and Fighting Vipers 2, playable outside of LAD Gaiden; so gimme that!
  12. Honestly? A Switch 2 announcement here isn’t impossible. I wouldn’t expect solid details, but an announcement of its existence and upcoming release next year is quite possible here I reckon. Otherwise, I would expect Untitled Peach Game and the various NSO services to make up the bulk of this Direct, along with the next wave of GCN/Wii remasters (F-Zero GX & Paper Mario TTYD).
  13. Wahey! Great to see that you've joined the club! Answers... - Most of the major bugs have now been fixed, emulation is generally very solid now. The biggest overall issue is that there is no support in the N64 NSO emulator for the Controller Pak (which means that any game that relies on memory card saves, such as Winback, is SOL) or the Transfer Pak (which makes the single player modes in Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 basically unwinnable). Also, there is still no way to turn off the stupid 16:9 border and that drives me nuts! (You can at least turn off the controller instructions at the bottom of the screen in the settings menu though). Worth noting that Goldeneye's original widescreen mode does work though, and that removes the border... but for that one game only! (ARGH!!). BTW, as a general aside, the GBA and GB/GBC NSO emulators are shockingly robust. Literally everything seems to be supported, including motion controls for GBC/GBA carts (Kirby's Tilt N' Tumble etc) and rumble (Pokemon Pinball GBC, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga etc), and all multiplayer features are supported, including link cable, the GBC IR port and single pak multiplayer for GBA games! Very impressive stuff! - Following are games that have been announced but not released yet... N64: Mario Party 3, 1080 Snowboarding GBA: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Golden Sun, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror That being said? They've recently been breaking their previously prescribed order and aren't necessarily releasing the games in the order they announced them anymore, like what they previously did when N64 was introduced; so we could really get anything. And I do think that we'll at least get everything that originally came to the Wii/Wii U/3DS VC at the very least; so there's plenty more to come. - Suspension Points = save states, you are correct. There is no equivilent of the "Suspend Save" feature that previously appeared on the Wii/Wii U/3DS VC services though (where a save state gets made on shutdown of the game and then reloaded & deleted on starting it up again), which is a big shame.
  14. John Riccitiello does what John Riccitiello does best
  15. Your Gaming Diary 2023

    I think a lot of people got into the series because of Lizardcube's remake, it's great to see. And the timing was great too! Wonderboy fans have really been eating this past generation
  16. General Switch Discussion

    I did like how Miyamoto subtly acknowledged Martinet's pre-Mario 64 contributions to the voice of Mario, when he said that his "video game" debut was in 1996. Turns out that Martinet has been doing the voice of Mario for quite a while before then... He's been doing the floating head showcase as far back as CES 1992-1993! And his debut as Mario's voice was not in a video game... or even as the floating head, but rather... There's also Mario Teaches Typing and Mario's Game Gallery on PC in 1994 and 1995 respectively, but they're not proper video games And just for fun... here's a clip of Martinet actually helping somebody else do the Mario floating head thing at CES 1992! (That's ol' Charles helping to put on the mocap face "suit" at the start of the video ), while Charles gets to take a break.
  17. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    I legitimately can't think of any other music that mixes Australian digeridoo, an Irish jig and a fucking Scottish bagpipe creshendo into a single song, but... it works! SPKMD has to have one of the most eclectic soundtracks of any game I've played (right up there with Paper Mario: The Origami King) and it's bloody brilliant!
  18. What magic original N64 controllers do you have!? Mine all had their sticks ground to dust! (Then again, we did play a lot of Mario Party back in the day with them, and you know how dangerous those games are ). I had to replace all the control sticks on my original N64 controllers and my friends’ ones because they all became pretty much un-usable. Gamecube controllers though? I’ll give you that one. They’re made of pure Nintendium and are basically indestructible
  19. Adversaries sounds like legit fun, great to see that it has been saved from mobile hell! May have to try it out some time Fleet Command however is basically this…
  20. The UE5 demo shown was the Matrix demo previously released on PS5/Series X.
  21. https://www.eurogamer.net/nintendo-demoed-switch-2-to-developers-at-gamescom https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/sources-nintendo-showed-switch-2-demos-at-gamescom/ Yup. This all matches up with what My Uncle At Nintendo (MUAN?) told me. Probably gonna come out November 2024 I reckon (just a gut feeling, nothing concrete).
  22. Whelp, guess I have to buy this game now... I can't believe that after 25 years, the only home release that Daytona 2 will ever have is as a hidden minigame in a Yakuza title, but there ya go. Would much prefer this to have been a standalone release, but I'll take it nonetheless! @S.C.G, this is certainly relevent to your interests The Model 3 arcade version of Fighting Vipers 2 is also going to be included! Insane! Let's hope that Spikeout is next
  23. General Switch Discussion

    September 14th is around the time I’d expect the usual September Direct to happen, so it’s probably true.