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  1. By O2 charging for tethering is just greed on their part. It all boils down to data transfer, its acceptable to unlimitedly browse whilst using the iPhone, yet if you want to display the internet, with flash on a computer they think they have the right to charge an additional £15 for 3Gb of data?!?!


    Unlimited rarely lives up to its definition but, surely incorporate tethering into o2's fair useage policy. And your on to a winner, surpassing competition's standards and winning respect with loyal consumers.


    Yes this should definitely be in there. Another thing that should be in there is unlimited texts. I currently have to pay an extra £7 a month to get unlimited texts.

  2. I truely hate the end of Killzone 2. The lack of checkpoints for the final battle pissed me off so much I don't want to ever play again. I really enjoyed the first half of the game and think it steadily went downhill from there. Tried the multiplayer and just felt like I'd missed my window for trying a multiplayer game :p

  3. Sounds like I'll be ok with it then. I don't mind retrying stuff, I mean I love hard games like N+ or Super Monkey Ball, but when I have to redo large amounts due to one moment of stupidity there is nothing that makes me want to stop playing a game more.

  4. Ignore dwarf. He has...different tastes. The checkpoints are very good for the most part (one mission was a little glitched and would not load properly when you died) with you having to repeat little. Even the boss battles, which are lengthy, have handily placed check points. On hard the game is hard. Normal, the game is moderately difficult. But the powers and good game design really do make it fun. You really should give it a try.


    Sounds good. I think I will get it since I only have Prince of Persia left to finish on PS3.

  5. Lol You're not selling the game to me! I did want it, but I don't really know why. I feel like I would get annoyed at it. How are things like checkpoints? The one thing I truely hate in games and the number one reason I play several on easy is repeating large sections of games.

  6. Save a bit more and get a PS3. Seriously, if you're already going to spend £200 why not hold on a bit longer and get an incredibly robust machine like the PS3?


    Exactly what I was thinking. Plus you get the choice of a load of games as well.

  7. So how are missions compared to Infamous? I'm probably gonna get Infamous for my Birthday, and will get to play my girlfriends brothers copy of Prototype on Tuesday probably.

  8. Rolando 2 has been confirmed for July 1st - the day before I get some iTunes vouchers for my birthday, so just in time! :D


    I'm enjoying Rolando, but not sure I want another one. I only play it for 5 minutes every now and then. Not really done all that much of it.

  9. I played though a "year" and a half. The handling felt like a simulation (i.e. not fun) to me.


    The handling isn't sim-ish at all. The good cars are uncontrollable until you get good with the handling and handbrake.

  10. Cheers, that's helped quite a lot. What about the Macbook as a computer itself then? Any good?


    I've had a couple of problems with mine, that being a flickering screen and the case has cracked around the arm rest on the right. The crack isn't a big deal, but the flickering is annoying at times. Overall though they're really fast computers, and a joy to use. I will certainly be upgrading to a new one next year when this one will be 4 years old. It's pretty good that after 3 years this one doesn't feel out of date, and if it wasn't for the screen occasionally going weird I wouldn't even be considering a new one.


    Main pluses for me are; looks, speed of start up and shut down, closing the lid straight away puts it to sleep, and opening it straight away wakes it up (no annoying hibernation!), the keyboard, a slot loading drive, and the track pad feeling much nicer to use than any other manufacturers laptops.

  11. Can't quite believe the prices. Thought they did really well last year in getting the prices down, and now they've jumped back up. I paid the same (£99) for my iPhone 3G last year as they are now charging for less! phone (8GB). I mean how does this work?


    Just doesn't make sense.

  12. Potential is huge. The games will make or break it.

    I can imagine a title coming with a racquet and it being a tennis game and so on. Titles like Boom Blox could also work on this too.


    But surely that would be the Wii on Xbox done in a way where everyone doesn't realise they've copied them.

    If they're saying this thing is better than Wii then they need to make something different to Wii.

  13. This seems way too soon to me. This might seem strange, but the fact it's a sequel and not expansive DLC has made it hard for me to get enthusiastic about it. They spent ages tuning all the original L4D maps and mechanics, and now they're putting out an entire sequel within a year?


    This is just very un-Valve.


    Yeah this is what I was thinking when originally wondering if it was L4D2. Not that it seems too soon for another one, cos I really want one, just that I'm wondering how another one can only take a year to get as good as the last was.

  14. Really liked it, although more action oriented than I expected, hopefully just for the purpose of this conference.


    Yeah just what I thought as well. I hate how action oriented every single game has to be. One of the reasons I'm so excited for Heavy Rain.