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  1. Wimotes will not respond

    Copied from another forum so thank OP if this resolves your problem but it reminds me of problem I had when I imported a Wiimote from Dealextreme.
  2. This girl would be perfect for Samus!!

    Wish I was her neighbour
  3. This girl would be perfect for Samus!!

    How about Species star Natasha Henstridge?
  4. Super Mario Galaxy

    Courtesy of Jeuxfrance
  5. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Anyone with similar setup might be interested in trying this. Out of curiosity I connected my GC to newly purchased Panasonic DMR-EX87 1080p capable DVD/HDD Recorder via AV2 SCART input having previously connected console directly to the TV with so-so results. Recorders AV2 input would normally be reserved for set-top boxes eg. sattelite/freeview. GC's RGB output before then connected directly to HDTV looked poor in comparison with that found on my 9 year old 29" Mitsubishi. Colours are now more vivid. I can now upscale GC output via HDMI output on DVD recorder to 1080i Expensive upgrade I know. But I bought recorder originally to replace failing VHS recorder. I am trully amazed by the positive results this made to GC's images.
  6. Nintendo Press:E32007

    Only wish I was an insider!
  7. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    More trailers posted http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=kyono007
  8. Wii don't need no HD! COD3. Enjoy.

    New trailers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K74pZb0gUIs
  9. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Nintendo have plenty of cards to play! New screens http://www.dengekionline.com/data/news/2006/11/30/9377a9f499b02d87306e305e53a8d749.html
  10. See Wii @ Science Museum!

    Oh dear! Guess who isn't getting one.
  11. See Wii @ Science Museum!

    http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/newsArt.cfm?artid=12467 http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/gameon
  12. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Updated Trailers http://www.pokemon.co.jp/game/wii/pbr_sp/
  13. Sorry if this has been already posted. Saw this posted originally here http://www.3dgameman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44368 New screens:- http://www.ngcfrance.com/news.php?op...0&idx=6041&r=1 http://previews.operationsports.com/...me=madden07wii See IGN for comparison http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/82...43/imgs_1.html Looks like EA got out Mr. Sheen. Looks more polished.