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  1. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    Managed to get to 12 minutes in survivor the other day - the bots just aren't up to the task but with others gold medals don't seem quite so impossible. After 10 minutes even ammo runs are out of the question so you're pretty much stuck with pistols. Still, it's breathed new life into a game I didn't honestly expect to go back to.
  2. Fallout 3

    Game was pulled from GFWL after a couple of hours because of an error in the installer. Some people have subsequently managed to re-download it via their download history but Beth are being very tight-lipped about their progress on the problem. Word on the old internet grapevine is that the Achievement issues with the 360 version are taking priority over FO3PC and that BS won't be available to download until early next week.
  3. Fallout 3

    Incoming spoilers relating to the DLC... I must say I was very disappointed with Operation: Anchorage. It has none of the sense of adventure and exploration that made the full game so appealing and ends up feeling like a knock off of Call of Duty. There are no moral choices to make and you can't even interact with the environment; if you're low on health or ammo there are contrived dispensers for both after every encounter. I know it's supposed to be an in-game simulator but it seems completely detached from the otherwise cohesive overworld and completely unnecessary to the overriding story arch. Owners of the Playstation version aren't actually missing out on anything worthwhile, I just hope the upcoming DLC has a bit more in common with the main game.
  4. Post Your Desk/Bizarre Set up

    Sorry the image is a bit dark, I couldn't bump the exposure up any more with my shakey arthritic wrists.
  5. Common Misconceptions

    Scollops and bollocks, or as they call it round these parts, surf and turf.
  6. Common Misconceptions

    I thought his mother (a dirty bugger) chopped it off when he was small?
  7. F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin

    Killzone 2 is the bee's knees, Killzone 2 is dog's bollocks, Killzone 2 will redeem our sins.
  8. Fallout 3

    The new patch for the PC version corrupted my saves, just when I was starting to get hyped about the DLC as well.
  9. Fable 2

    That's cold dude, stone cold. Took some pictures of two of my characters, the third (my original and favourite) file isn't going to get re-opened until someone gives me a sex-change potion.
  10. Fable 2

    Guys, I need your help (spoilers) I drank that sex change potion just to see what my character would look like as a woman and it auto-saved - now I'm stuck like it! Can anyone who hasn't drunk the potion meet me in Fairfax Castle and let me have theirs? I give you monies
  11. Fallout 3

    There is that, but bare in mind; I've been playing for over 80 hours now and I'm still discovering new locations and quests. The "main" quest is a ridiculously small portion of the game as a whole.
  12. Fallout 3

    *Possible spoilers* I had a similar problem in Rivet City, I met Butch in the Muddy Rudder after Trouble on the Homefront and elected to blow his teeth out the back of his head for the shit he gave me back in the vault. Of course, security didn't take too kindly to this so I high-tailed it out of there. I went back a little bit later, and aside from getting called "scum" by everyone I walked past I didn't meet any trouble. It may be a similar situation on Megaton; leave and don't go back for a bit. If you still can't get in without getting shot at you can still make it to Three Dog without completing Moriarty's mission, it just takes a bit of exploring to find the GNR building.
  13. Fallout 3

  14. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    *Possible Spoilers* All of the evacuation levels are amazing, but the farmhouse one takes some beating. Haven't played online extensively yet (where are you guys?) but even with bots it was one of the tensest things ever. We were all standing on the stairs holding back the horde until a Boomer snuck in and bertied on us, then the shit hit the fan big time. We tried to hobble into the APC but we couldn't get away fast enough and got mobbed a few feet from safety. Nuts.
  15. Left 4 Dead: A Thread For Suvivalists

    What's going on in here then? Sure it's not quite in the same league as some of the triple A's that have come out recently (read: Fallout 3) but I've been having a blast with it. It can be a bit of a clusterfuck when the horde charge in and I accept that the graphics are a bit basic, but the game does everything it says on the tin and then some. I think hype has a big part to play in some of the reactions here; I'm susceptible to a bit of it myself, but more than anything the demo delivered on popcorn-thrills like the Zombie B-Movies it nods at, and my excitement for the full game hasn't taken any dents so far.