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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    Just a heads up for people. I got a fedex customs bill like a week after it was delivered. That was via play-asia. 365 gaming are based within the UK. Sad thing is they don't seem to stock any cover plates
  2. 3DS Console Discussion

    Under the picture it says it cannot be shipped out of Australia, know any other websites?
  3. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Does anyone have any perfect oranges they can give me? Got a friend who has a town with oranges but had no luck at all getting perfect oranges.
  4. Nintendo 2DS

    Wow, people are passionate on this topic. It is aimed as the budget version of the 3DS, with less features (no 3D obviously). Thankfully, they've chosen to remove the feature many people weren't that bothered about, and some were put off by. Unlike the Wii Mini, which removed online and GameCube capability. It's just the odd game that'll be seriously affected by lack of 3D / clameshell aspects. It looks like a younger kids toy and its aimed the way. Hopefully it's made pretty sturdy and comfy to play with. I think the main thing is trying to get it at retail for under £100. Currently there are good offers on regular 3DS and XLs. This week we bought an XL with Luigi's Mansion 2 (and free digital copy of animal crossing via promotion) for £155. I think £110 for a 2DS with no games is too much.
  5. Perfect, I'll make sure my gates are open then.
  6. you bury it and it grows like a tree, but instead of shaking fruit off, you have to dig up the seeds every few days, or it'll take over your town. I need to arrange a time for you and Eenuh to visit my town. Are you guys free Friday evening?
  7. Ahh that's pretty cool, is it IAPT stuff or something else? I ended up just rolling around in mental health for a while as a HCA then about couple years ago ended up in our pharmacy tumbling into various jobs by chance; currently mainly an RA on two clinical trials in addition to a managing a small monitoring database, occasional audit work and whatever else lands on my desk. Was only gonna be there for a week or two but two and a half years later I'm still knocking about!

  8. Yeah, as of 2007. Feels like a lifetime since. I now work as a "Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner", which is a kind of therapist. How about you? What do you do?

  9. So man, what you up to these days? Iirc you were a psych grad right?

  10. I've got quite a bit of bamboo. Anybody need some? Otherwise I'll sell.
  11. good stuff thread.

    I had a awesome day yesterday. Had a random day out in Manchester and the GAME store in the Arndale shopping centre had Nintendo hosting a Mario Kart time trial tournament (top gear style). It was tense and close, the 1st place prize was a giant Mario Kart trophy, 2nd and 3rd place won a smaller shell trophy. After a few rounds, it was intense and I got first place. Here is my big first place trophy along with one I got off the star catalogue a while ago.
  12. The future of learning to drive

    The proposals sound nice in theory. But practically, the limitations are very impractical. Say you wanted to do a job / career where driving was required (health visitors or home care for example), you'd have to pay a fortune learning to drive, and be severely limited the first two years. I also tend to think that many accidents are caused by drivers who KNOW how they should be driving but CHOOSE not to drive correctly. Those that speed / tailgate / don't respect distances / choose not to pay attention / act like they always have right of way. Which is more about attitude.
  13. Have you bought the timer yet? It's shows how many fish each player has caught in 10mins. Otherwise I could of caught 10 fish before entering your town, after 5 mins just say I caught 10 ;-)
  14. Not to worry, my Internet connection wasn't too reliable.