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  1. On 7/26/2018 at 12:10 AM, Julius Caesar said:

     I figure this post should give plenty of time to those that want to catch up before the finale...

    I mean, I'll try, but I'm four seasons behind. It's not going to be easy!

  2. Having recently played Gravity Rush 2, I'm pretty eh on the series. The beautiful art design and great traversal mechanics are really wasted on the bad mission design. The story's a bit of a mess, too.

    If you enjoy Naughty Dog's brand of narrative single-player games, you'll probably like God of War. And you should definitely check out Doom if you like first-person shooters.

  3. 37 minutes ago, Dog-amoto said:

    I know I created a thread for this a while back, but not many people posted in it.

    Just watched the series finale of The Americans. What a show, quite rightly lauded as the last show from the “Golden Age” of TV, where character dramas such as Mad Men and The Sopranos were king, rather than the more sci-fi and fantasy stuff like GoT, Westworld and Stranger Things (still great shows by the way)

    The finale was gut wrenching, and done in a style befitting of how the show was handled during its six seasons, rather than the way a lot of fans expected it to go. 

    If you haven’t seen this yet, I implore you to give it a watch. If you like more serious, grounded dramas, you’ll enjoy this. Great soundtrack too. First five seasons are on Prime. 

    I finally started watching this the other day! I'm only on episode 3, but it's good so far.

    I completely forgot that Margo Martindale was in this.

  4. Blah, I hate split seasons. There's nothing like a five-month break in the middle of a season to make me completely lose track of any ongoing storylines.

    I'm extra annoyed because I recently started rewatching the series in preparation for season 5, but now any callbacks in the back half of the season will be completely lost on me anyway.

  5. I finally finished listening to the audio book for Call Me by Your Name.


    We had never taken a shower together. We had never even been in the same bathroom together. "Don't flush," I'd said, "I want to look." What I saw brought out strains of compassion, for him, for his body, for his life, which suddenly seemed so frail and vulnerable. "Our bodies won't have secrets now," I said as I took my turn and sat down. He had hopped into the bathtub and was just about to turn on the shower. "I want you to see mine," I said. He did more. He stepped out, kissed me on the mouth, and, pressing and massaging my tummy with the flat of his hand, watched the whole thing happen.

    So romantic~~ :heart:

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  6. I too have fallen hopelessly behind on most of the TV shows I watch. Maybe I'll drop some of the ones where I'm several seasons behind at this point...

    And when I do watch television I just end up adding new shows instead of catching up on the old ones.