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  1. Photobucket Replacement

    I've started using Imgur. According to their terms of service, you're not allowed to hotlink images, but everyone else seems to do it, so...
  2. Want Face

    Maybe he thinks they're clunky.
  3. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    The Ratchet & Clank remake isn't my favorite game in the series, but this is the first time I've seen anyone call it clunky...
  4. PlayStation 4 Console Discussion

    Good news...!
  5. Doctor Who

    It's a children's TV show about a time-traveling alien. If kids can deal with mutant ninja turtles, they can deal with the Doctor regenerating as a woman. And I don't think it's a genuine question. I think you're upset about your childhood hero becoming a heroine, and you're hiding behind "what about the kids?!" to try to defend what is really a pretty silly thing to be upset about.
  6. Doctor Who

    I don't know, I find it hard to agree with a post which includes this gem:
  7. Questions

    That's not how I see it.
  8. Questions

    Yeah, just click on the Japanese flag.
  9. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    There's a component on Shell-Walkers you can destroy to make the cargo fall off.
  10. N-Europe Summer Meet 2017

    I mean... just take the cat with you to London? N-E loves cats.
  11. Your 2017 Gaming Diary

    I started playing Dark Souls II today. I was really looking forward to exploring that lighthouse I've seen in screenshots.
  12. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Yes, I'm really kind of over audio logs. Oh, you meant the patch?
  13. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Just in time for the New Game+ they added today! It comes with two more trooophies... (I know you like those!) I'm kind of over audio logs in general...
  14. Man, that could have gone so much worse. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "That's a really strange thing to ask someone on a third date." or "Do you think I'd be going out with you if I did?" (This is probably why I'm single.)
  15. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I think the inventory management is my least favorite thing about this game. Past a certain point, my inventory has been near-full at all times, so I keep having to fast-travel to merchants every twenty minutes and then spend way too much time in my inventory trying to find things I'm willing to part with. I don't even know why I bother, since I have over 40,000 shards and absolutely nothing to spend them on... I've bought one outfit and I've never seen a need to buy any more, and I bought a few weapons thirty hours ago, but there's never anything new to buy, so it's all really pointless. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the game turns into Fable 3 in the last act.
  16. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    All of the Nora have terrible hair, but I think this person takes the cake:
  17. General TV Thread

    It's comforting to know that I'm not the only one who found the third season of Kimmy Schmidt subpar. I'd hate to think I've been recommending a bad show these past two years without realizing it, but maybe it really did use to be good at one point. I really dislike how annoyingly hyper the show is the whole time, and I hate how the characters can barely go two sentences without spouting a non-sequitur. Some of which are funny, many of which aren't, and all of which get really tiresome. I also can't stand any of the characters - especially Tituss, who is just so awful and self-centered all the time and I just hate him so much. The show was still funny from time to time, but eh.
  18. General TV Thread

    I take this back. I watched the third season recently and thought it was awful. Now I'm questioning whether it's just the third season, or if the show has always been bad and I've only just noticed? Is my whole life a lie? I stand by this, though.
  19. New Software!

    That was my biggest issue with the new design, yes. I've fixed it now, though, so you don't need to change back to the old design. Crisis averted.
  20. Name Changes

    !!! It was you all along!
  21. New Software!

    I'm so conflicted. On the one hand, I love new stuff. On the other hand, I hate change. The forum looks nice, though.
  22. Name Changes

    Woo, Bob's back! I've missed you these last few months, Bob. Where have you been?
  23. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Confusing name for a prequel.