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  1. BBC's UK Vote: Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony?

    Go revolution !!! Got a good percentage Go GO GO ! Nintendofan
  2. Windows Explorer Errors

    Dunno Sorry mate Nintendofan
  3. Windows Explorer Errors

    Have you Tried Useing another program to run them in other than windows media Player ? That could work Or Re install Windows media player Or even Update it if needs be
  4. How long will gaming survive?

    Hopefully it will never end , Get new consoles Get new games If People Like Microsoft-Nintendo Ect . Dont go Bust And they bring out new consoles ( Hopefully ) That should Meen More Games RIght
  5. Tough One Oh well Worth A try . .
  6. Windows Explorer Errors

    Yes , Click Start - All programs-Accessories And run Some Defragmenters Followed By some Disk Cleanup Maybe even a Quick Freeware - Spyware Scan If that doesnt do it Try Re-installing The Programs
  7. Because of the recent Paper Mario games Being to Fantastic ! i just wanted to get you opinions Of Wether or not Nintendo will make a Paper Mario for the revolution Thanks Nintendofan
  8. Try http://www.overclockers.co.uk http://www.microdirect.co.uk http://www.ebuyer.co.uk
  9. Pepsi brand gone crazy?

    That sucks They have made to much i meen why would u want pepsi what tastes like coffee When you can just have a normal Coffee I meen Come on
  10. Running Processes

    Some programs use more than 1 prosess !
  11. Buying a new comp, are these specs good enough?

    im not sure about the 6600GT and the CPU i would go for the 6800 or 6800GT if you can fork out the money andi would go for the AMD 3500+ But thoose Specs are better than mine. In pounds it would be about £400 - 575
  12. Rate the last film you saw

    shoalin Soccer Great film its a really funny film with a outstanding storyline attached a good 9.2/10 :)
  13. Burberry Condoms

    HAHAHA Good Find GOnna Buy One HAHAHAHAHA ( put it on display )
  14. Graphics Card Temp.

    what the hell is all that man ? I aint got a pic of my comp but here is its Stats : Nvidia 7800GTX ( 512 MB ) AMD Dual core 4800+ ( Overclocked ) DFI Lanparty UT RDX200CF-DR Crossfire Motherboard Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3500LL Pro TwinX 10MB InterNet Connection
  15. X Box 360 sucks

    The X-Box 360 is crap if you move it why the game is playing it recks the disk and the power supple isnt strong enough so it blows up ( this only happens 2 / 10 but itsa not the point ) GET YA ACT TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!! Although the revo is gonna be sweat
  16. X Box 360 sucks

    in fact i was talking to ppl who made the x box ! not u guys sorry bout the misunderstanding
  17. X Box 360 sucks

    ? what do u meen ?
  18. i would say a Nvidia 7800 GTX ( 256 ) :P i had one its very stable and you can overclock it very good easy simple
  19. Do you guys think I should trust this thing?

    go For It Mate It sounds like a good deal .
  20. Hi lads i know i have posted lots of threads at the moment but this one i really want to know thanks My Favorate is Either ( ocarina of time , majoras mask , metroid 1 , metroid 2 the echos )
  21. Whats Your System Made out of ?

    This is My New System i just got Nvidia 7800gtx AMD X2 Dual Core 4800+ LanParty 3 Meg Of ram And 6 MB Internet Connection] Please Leave Your Systems and What they are made out off thanks Nintendofan 64
  22. Whats Your System Made out of ?

    alomst as good as mine it cost me £ 2000 pound lads lol
  23. 1. Wind Waker 2. Majoras Mask 3. Ocarina of time 4. Metroid Prime 5. Metroid Prime 2 Echos 6. Viewtiful Joe 7. Viewtiful Joe 2 8 . Tales Of Symthonia 9. Mario Kart Double Dash 10 .Timesplitters 1 11. Timesplitters 2 12. Timesplitters 3 ( future Perfect ) 13. Burnout 1 14. Burnout 2 Thanks NintendoFan 64
  24. Ctrl+Alt+Delete?

    You Can Close Applications By Simplaly Pressing Alt and F4 Aswell does that help #
  25. Ocarina Of Time : Before you have epone to jump fences you can stand right by one and if you plant a bomb at the same time you will be able to get over the fence easily ( you need at least 4 heats to do this if you are you are ya newbie and trying to do this is tooke me some time ) Majoras Mask : Same Thing but If You Stand near a Fence and use the Gorons Mask ( Turns You Into A Goron ) and plant a bomb while the bomb you need to roll up and when it blows up you need to unroll which gives you the jumping boost you need to hop the fence sucsessfully.. !!