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  1. Windows Vista Beta 2 Available!

    Sorry Marshmellow it was GB**
  2. Windows Vista Beta 2 Available!

    Vista Is Good Considering Its A Beta , The Usual Errors Of Which A beta Has But Overall Very Impressive BUT . . . . It Takes 8MB of Space And XP Only Takes 2 ! Thats A Problem Anyway Good In Overall :awesome:
  3. How much is this computer worth?

    Dont get a Pentium CPU !!! It will let down the rest of that spectacular computer if anything get a AMD X2 Dual Core 4200+ or the slower version of 3800+ !!!
  4. Nivida Graphics cards

    i get my stuff from overclockers but if you could fork out another £50 you could get a 6800GT Much Better carg a extra 3000 3d mark 03 and 05 points
  5. What counts as completing a game?

    To be able to see the credits Not Cheating in the Process !!! Also to be able to Enjoy the game withought the thought of cheating !!!
  6. Hello i've recently downloaded both 3dmark 03 and 05 and im just wondering what would be a respecable score Advice Appretiated
  7. Whats a Respectable 3D Mark 03 and 05 Score ?

    Thanks My 3D Marks Are Extreamaly respectable 19,000 in 03 11,000 in 05 !
  8. Virus Problem...

    Go to the file of which it mentions on your *Norton* Virus Detector and Try To Delete the EXE ( Executable ) If That Doesnt Work Try RE-naming the file and try again If None of them work Post another reply i will be happy to help
  9. Backdoor trojan

    Try Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete See If It Is Running In Any Process or Form , If So termanate The Process/application and try deleting it again if still that doesnt work , try renameing the VIRUS file ( if you can find it ) then try again
  10. What's better out of these graphics cards?

    256MB RADEON X850 CROSSFIRE Master+256MB RADEON X800XL PCI Will BE Your Better Option As It is Made To Run XP I Wouldnt go for the other one as i have heard of lots of faults what it has. 256MB RADEON X850 CROSSFIRE Master+256MB RADEON X800XL PCI: Wil Be Your Best Bet
  11. What's better out of these graphics cards?

    I Agree With Jordan
  12. Advice on buying a new pc

    Not Alot Cheeper Maybe Your Looking Around , £2100 Pounds No Less . . .
  13. Favourite...T.V adverts

    Sorry Lads i Dont have Any Links But the New MTV advert rocks ( Chav Mick Take ) With the Vaxhall Nova
  14. Nvidia Or Radeon ?

    Which would you Prefer Nvida or radeon I would Say that Nvidia Has the Highest Fan Rate But Which would u Prefer Nvidia 7800GTX's Rock ! Nintendofan
  15. Family Genes

    Nope Nothing In Common Around our end which is a shame lol
  16. This is weird since im good at compuering anyway, When i first start my computer up when it comes up with SHOULD come up with the windows XP startup Bar , It doesnt appear and i just get a total black screen which sorta sucks ! Any Ideas ? Much Appretiated Spelling mistake i Was tyring to say When " when it should come up " Sorry
  17. Computer Crashing On Windows XP startup Bar

    Thanks Much Appretiated
  18. Which Graphic Card

    7800GTX Are Really Good ! But they is a 7900 series now !
  19. Favourite...Chocolate Bar!

    Galaxy Chcolate rock i dunno what they do to it but its easy the best tastin Nintendofan64
  20. Post your easter egg

    Cheep Skates ( Only jokin ) I Like Snickers Ones :0
  21. 3D Mark scores

    12,405 with a bit of a TWEAKED nvidia 9800GTX And a Dual Core 4500+ Processor
  22. Computer Is Seriously Messed Up!

    Well If the Graphics Card is Over Powering the CPU then i would advise getting a CPU Try Turning the fans up If its OVERCLOCKED Put the overclocks bk to the Orignal Settings If that doesnt work Smash it with anything u want Make sure It Suffers Nintendofan64
  23. Computer Is Seriously Messed Up!

    Right A Couple Of things 1. Have you tried resarting the computer manually Over and Over again ? If not Try it 2. What Graphics Card you got? 3.your New Graphics Card Might of got to hot and Broke 4.Is you CPU what you have got Enough TO stay in line with your new graphics card E.G you cant have a Voodo 3 Graphics card with a AMD4800+ So they need to be evenally Mached Reply Back Ninendofan 64
  24. Restrain me from smashing my router

    YOU................................. SMASH IT lol Nintendofan
  25. Nvidia Or Radeon ?

    That sucks !