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  1. Windows Vista Beta 2 Available!

    Sorry Marshmellow it was GB**
  2. Windows Vista Beta 2 Available!

    Vista Is Good Considering Its A Beta , The Usual Errors Of Which A beta Has But Overall Very Impressive BUT . . . . It Takes 8MB of Space And XP Only Takes 2 ! Thats A Problem Anyway Good In Overall :awesome:
  3. How much is this computer worth?

    Dont get a Pentium CPU !!! It will let down the rest of that spectacular computer if anything get a AMD X2 Dual Core 4200+ or the slower version of 3800+ !!!
  4. Nivida Graphics cards

    i get my stuff from overclockers but if you could fork out another £50 you could get a 6800GT Much Better carg a extra 3000 3d mark 03 and 05 points
  5. What counts as completing a game?

    To be able to see the credits Not Cheating in the Process !!! Also to be able to Enjoy the game withought the thought of cheating !!!
  6. Whats a Respectable 3D Mark 03 and 05 Score ?

    Thanks My 3D Marks Are Extreamaly respectable 19,000 in 03 11,000 in 05 !
  7. Hello i've recently downloaded both 3dmark 03 and 05 and im just wondering what would be a respecable score Advice Appretiated
  8. Virus Problem...

    Go to the file of which it mentions on your *Norton* Virus Detector and Try To Delete the EXE ( Executable ) If That Doesnt Work Try RE-naming the file and try again If None of them work Post another reply i will be happy to help
  9. Backdoor trojan

    Try Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete See If It Is Running In Any Process or Form , If So termanate The Process/application and try deleting it again if still that doesnt work , try renameing the VIRUS file ( if you can find it ) then try again
  10. What's better out of these graphics cards?

    256MB RADEON X850 CROSSFIRE Master+256MB RADEON X800XL PCI Will BE Your Better Option As It is Made To Run XP I Wouldnt go for the other one as i have heard of lots of faults what it has. 256MB RADEON X850 CROSSFIRE Master+256MB RADEON X800XL PCI: Wil Be Your Best Bet
  11. What's better out of these graphics cards?

    I Agree With Jordan
  12. Advice on buying a new pc

    Not Alot Cheeper Maybe Your Looking Around , £2100 Pounds No Less . . .
  13. Favourite...T.V adverts

    Sorry Lads i Dont have Any Links But the New MTV advert rocks ( Chav Mick Take ) With the Vaxhall Nova
  14. Family Genes

    Nope Nothing In Common Around our end which is a shame lol
  15. Computer Crashing On Windows XP startup Bar

    Thanks Much Appretiated