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  1. BF2 or 2142 anyone?

    Hey guys I am just wondering are there many people here that play either BF2 or 2142 much here?
  2. Take a look at this.

    Thanks. Yeah its the ballistix at that price. What do you mean by that? Do you mean that for that you have seen better psu's for that price? Yeah I read that review. I have also read other reviews though, where they have managed to get the FSB up to 500 Mhz and over, which to me seems really good ( I've been out of the loop since core duo 2 came out, so am not sure of whats good these days ).
  3. Take a look at this.

    OK so I am going to post a list of what I am thinking of now. CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400 MOBO:Gigabyte GA P35C-DS3R, iP35 Express HDD:500 Gb Samsung HD501LJ Spinpoint T, SATA300, 7200 rpm, 16MB Case :Antec 900 PSU :720W Enermax Infinity EIN720AWT Modular Quad SLi Quad Core DVD Drive:Asus DRW-1814BLT, DVD±R x18, DVD+RW x8/-RW x6, DVD-RAM And I'm looking at Either getting the OC UK branded 8800 320 GTS or the Leadtek 8800 320 GTS. They are both the same price so I dont know which I want to go for. Also I am looking at getting either teh ballistix that was pointed out earlier , or this G skill, Although it will probably have gone up in price by the time I get everything in order to buy the pc. Do you think that the ballistix would be able to take the E4400 up to 3 Ghz? Also is there any point in going for pc 8500 over pc 6400?
  4. Take a look at this.

    LOl Thats what I was thinking. I only really play 2142 and I'm hoping if I have all settings at minimum and res at 800x600 it will work. This site is interesting but I doubt it works.
  5. Take a look at this.

    OK cool, it looks like I may be getting an X300 for €20 , so I will probably use that untill the nvidia 9800's come out which should be this year. Hopefully the 8800 gtx's should plummet in price then and I might be able to get a cheap one in the new year sales .
  6. Take a look at this.

    Well I have a 19" Crt , that is not widescreen. So the max res it does is 1600x1200 , although I will probably be running it at 1280X1024 so that my crt does not blow up!! lol . I can barely afford teh 320 ( infact I am not sure I can ) so it looks like thats the card for me to go for ( if I can ) . I just checked toms hardware VGA hardware chart and the 320 varient is supposedly faster then the 640 at 1280X1024 !!!!
  7. Take a look at this.

    Yeah I think I will stick with the PSU, I may however drop and Q6600 and go for an e6750 instead and hopefully get a cheap 8800gts if I can stretch that far. And yes gaming is a priority , infact it is the main focus of this PC. Are the 630 MB cards alot better then a 320MB cards?
  8. Take a look at this.

    Hmm interesting, taht shouldnt be the case if they have the same modle munber/letter. I am building this predominatly for gaming . I feel 2 Gb of ram is grand atm. It has 4 DDR2 slots and 2 DDR3 slots. Yeah the GPU is quite underpowered , but I will probably get a new one in a year or so.
  9. Take a look at this.

    Ok so i am going to do my first build from teh ground up and I was hoping some of you guys could go over what I have specced out and suggest alternative , better price/ performance components. I'd also like any comments you have about the different components. CPU:Intel Core 2 Quad-Core Q6600 G0 RAM: 2GB (2x1GB) CorsairTwinX XMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400 (800) MOBO:Gigabyte GA P35C-DS3R, iP35 Express HDD:500 Gb Samsung HD501LJ Spinpoint T, SATA300, 7200 rpm, 16MB Case :Antec 900 PSU :720W Enermax Infinity EIN720AWT Modular Quad SLi Quad Core DVD Drive:Asus DRW-1814BLT, DVD±R x18, DVD+RW x8/-RW x6, DVD-RAM GPU:256MB Power Color RX1950Pro Arctic Cooling CPU HSF:Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Does anyone know the ram will limit the max ( stock) clock of the CPU? All oppinoins and suggestions are much appreciated. This all comes to just over €1100 including p+p Cheers Chris
  10. Any new technologies or price drops coming before febuary??

    OK cool, well I am looking at getting a gigabyte board and they claim that it will take any cpu that is LGA 775.
  11. Any new technologies or price drops coming before febuary??

    Thanks , these are the kind of things I am talking about. The New 45 nm CPU's are still LGA 775 arent they? So I would be able to upgrade to them if I felt it was needed. Whats the new chipset you are talking about? P35 or X38? i didnt realise X38 is out already if thats what you are talking about. The Mobo I am looking at supports DDR 2 and 3 so I should be set there. I'm not going for a DX10 card yet, I will probably go for an x1950 pro or xt.
  12. Any new technologies or price drops coming before febuary??

    Ok I was more wondering about new kinds of techs, faster clock speeds do not concern me as those components can eventually be upgraded if needs be. Its stuff like PCI-E 2 that I am worried about because you cannot upgrade to it without buying a whole new mobo. Are there any other techs liek PCI-E 2 coming out soon?
  13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I am about to do my first ground up build and I was wondering are there any new significant technoloy's coming out between now and the start of febuary? I would prefer to build now, but if there is anything that warrents waiting I would not mind waiting till febuary at the latest. I know PCI-E 2 is supposed to be coming out, is that within the time frame? I want this build to last for as long as possible. I know its impossible to future proof in the world of pc's but I am going to give it my best shot. Also does anyone know if there are going to be any big price drops?? When are the AMD quad core phenoms comeing out? They should trigger an intel price drop. All help and oppinions are much appreciated. Cheers Chris.
  14. Manhunt 2

  15. Manhunt 2

    So you guys in Britain supposedly have no chance of getting this game as your censors have said they will not look at another version of teh game. However our(Ireland) board have said that if there was to be another version introduced that is less brutal etc then they will look at the game again and may permit its sale here. No I personnally dont agree that any line has to be drawn. I beleive in a game they should be allowed to do anything they want, no matter how interactive it is and how graphically it is depicted. EDIT: I really like this automerge doublepost feature! All sites should have it!!