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  1. Revolution: The Big Brother?

    Well, first of all, i'd like to welcome you all to the Revolution Europe boards. We are being flooded with members, and we haven't been open for a full day yet! Absolutely incredible. Now, we've all seen it, haven't we? The controller i mean. If you haven't seen it...then where have you been? So, i was reading about the controller on this very board, and noticed that there are quite a few similarites between Nintendo's consoles and handhelds. A running theme, if you will. It seems to me that the theme is "feeling". Or better still "touching". What has made me think this? First of all, the touchscreen for the DS. When i first read about this, i was a bit iffy. I didn't know what to expect. However, after reading many impressions and hearing a lot about it, it seems the DS is marvelled upon. Which is excellent. So, after hearing about the touchscreen and dual screens, i thought to myself "hmm, how could the Revolution controller be yet more innovative than the DS?It's not possible." How wrong i was. Just reading about it today, it seems that the television has "become" a touchscreen, in a way. We've heard how the controller is like a mouse in real 3d space. This seems to be following on from Nintendo's theme with the DS. Touching is good. Now, there is also the tilt factor. This, combined with the other features, come with the possibility to add more flare to gaming. We are not being restricted to buttons or sticks, which i was worried about. We are moving above that. The PS3 and Xbox360 may be next generation, but the Revolution has the potential to go beyond that. So, about the title. Big brother? Well, it seems to me that the Revolution is carrying on from where the DS started. Touching. Interacting. The Revolution is aiming to do better what the DS started. Imo, i actually believe it can do better. I must admit, i am excited. And i hope all of you are, as well.
  2. Revolution: The Big Brother?

    Well, there are a lot of theories going around at the moment. Now, the rumours are all about what more surprises nintendo have in store and what the controller shell will be like. I would welcome the option to be able to play downloaded games on a DS as well as the Revo. But, we'll have to wait and see.
  3. Wow

    I know we're all very excited. But, please check other threads before you create your own. We don't want 4 or 5 different threads all displaying the same picture, do we? So, locked.
  4. VGcats hates the controller

    Oooo, controvesy rocks! Typical of Nintendo to cause a stir.
  5. Your idea for using the controller.

    I agree. If it was multiplayer, then even better! Hopefully someone very important is checking out this forum and will listen to us.
  6. Revo Games

    I think releasing it bit by bit is good. As said earlier, it would be a shame for something as important as the new controller to be in the same conference as information about polygon counts and whatnot. There's a place and a time for everything.
  7. Good, cheap, third party controllers

    I'll second that. Seriously, 3rd party pads on any console are usually nowhere near as good as the official ones. The feel of a Nintendo pad is unrivaled. You could probably pick up a cheap second hand wavebird now, surely?
  8. Will Nintendo Beat Microsoft this time round?

    So, in a way, it kinda pays to be an "and"-console. This seems to be becoming part of Nintendo's philosophy. Thinking about it all, Nintendo have always been about making money. They've never been in a position where they've lost money on a home console (as far as i know). So, for next generation, i believe they'll want to continue that trend.
  9. Burnout 360

    You don't need to have loads of info to have hype and debates. We had sod all info for the Revolution controller, but look at the hype we had for that.
  10. Burnout 360

    Choze, just because you're a graphics whore who loves to post threads that contain nothing but screenshots, it doesn't mean that JonSt should follow you.
  11. University?

    I'm off to teh Brighton. A lil bit nervous about going. The thing that's worrying me the most is how to use a washing machine. Course: English and Education UPLS (upper primary lower secondary). Yeah! you heard. I'm moving up in the world. I've finished laying the smackdown on you all, and now going to own schools across the U.K. I'm leaving on the 24th, same day as my good man Harper here. Living in halls. Hopefully, should have some excellent people living near me.
  12. Metroid Prime

    It's a great game. The bosses are excellent, even tho some of them are bitches! *looks at meta ridley*
  13. I've Played Revolution!!! (Picture inside)

    Haha :lmao: Your blue N64 pad is soooo damn sexy. I want one.
  14. Grand Theft Auto

    o_O May we have links to these sites, please?
  15. Showing the controller to mates

    I think the idea of it being like a tv remote is clever. No other controller in the world is as wide known as a tv controller. It's actually quite cool, because it's like we're manipulating the tv, and not the a way. I know what i mean.
  16. Showing the controller to mates

    But, that makes it sound like it's a gimmick. It is not a gimmick. It is merely a new way of playing games. A new level of interacting. The thing is standards need to be set, and standards need to be broken. Some 20 years ago, D-pad was standard. Then, analogue sticks came and they became standard. The D-pad was not the primary source of control anymore. Sooner or later, things have to change. Like the shoulder buttons on the snes. They are now pretty much standard. So, hopefully, the Revolution controller will introduce some new standards and different ways of playing games.
  17. Questions

    Haha, we had some fun looking for a few particular options, didn't we? :lmao: God, compared to xsorbit, this is like brain surgery.
  18. Showing the controller to mates

    Well, people never thought the Sony Eye/I-toy was a rediculous idea. And face it, people did look like prats while playing with it. But that was part of the fun. I play games because i want fun and a laugh. I can seriously see myself having fun while using this new controller.
  19. Football Season 05/06

    My post was in reference to the FA Cup final, which he missed because of a nasty injury (it was the final, wasnt it?) And now, he's looking to be missing the rest of the season. So, when i say he had it bad, i meant for 2 reasons: 1. The fa cup final, which would've been his final with united, and because it was a massive game. 2. United are in-form this season, and he's one of our best players. We are going for an assault on the title, and we might not have him playing. Although, i do believe he has worked himself hard. He plays in so many internationals. I do feel really gutted for him.
  20. Football Season 05/06

    Nooooo! Heinze better not be out for the rest of the season! He is my favourite defender at the club, and i just love watching him. He's having it rough at united, in terms of injuries. This just isn't fair on him.
  21. Questions

    Piro and Bowser, we'll definitely look into that. Dante, i'm not sure myself. Although, to be honest, i haven't looked for anything that tells you about gender on these new boards yet. Still getting used to them.
  22. Revolution: The Big Brother?

    Ahhh darksnowman, i remember that little "rant". I do promise to try and make more of those. They seemed to do quite well. Some interesting points made. It does go back to gaming becoming "stale" tho. A thought to ponder at.
  23. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    We had one on the Cube europe forum, and it ran for 19 pages! Before the site got hacked and the thread was lost forever. Although, let's see how far we can take this! I am soooooooo dying to get my hands on this game. Today, the Revolution controller had made me realise something: We have not seen everything until we have heard from Nintendo! We can speculate all we want...but they hold the trumph cards.
  24. Grand Theft Auto

    It's in the right place and i'll leave it open. The answer is no tho. No GTA games are coming out at all for the Gamecube. There has never been a definite reason why a GTA game hasn't come out on the Gamecube.
  25. See The Controller In Action (RECOMENDED)

    Exactly. If we didn't progress, we'd still be playing 2D sidescrollers where you 3 options. Run forward, run backwards and jump.