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  1. Advanced Media is honored...

    Ahhh! So YOU'RE Mad skills! Every since i signed onto this board (which is a while now), i've been wondering who you were.
  2. Questions

    Well, i wouldn't say that "we are allowed to swear", because you can definitely post without the need to swear. Although, i won't be banning anyone if they swear once or twice. If they just spam and use swear words far too much, then i will be on their case. Personally tho, i don't think anyone has got anything to worry about on that front. The language is mostly clean, so far.
  3. Tiberian Sun > you

    Hmm, you make a fair point. Although, with the artillery, it would almost always hit the target, because it causes craters around the target you're aiming at. :lmao: A bit unfair.
  4. Best Ever... (Results Are In)

    Wtf! I got best admin AND best mod? To be honest, that's a unfair. There have been and still are far better admins on this forum/the last one than me.
  5. See The Controller In Action (RECOMENDED)

    Wow, that trailer was awesome. The Revolution is the DS's bigger brother. :wink:
  6. Tiberian Sun > you

    I haven't got generals, but i have always wanted to try it out. Also, Renegade. Wanted to try that out as well. Just never got around to it. Shmotz, have you seen the firing range for an artillery unit? Compare that to a wolverine or even a titan. The Artillery has a massive advantage over it.
  7. Tiberian Sun > you

    Tib probably seems a bit dated now. I still love it to bits tho. And Shmotz, gdi were quite bad defensive wise. You could just set up Nod artillery around the gdi base and they'd be...buggered, basically.
  8. Tiberian Sun > you

    Pffft! Nod had much better defence units and structures than Gdi. The Ghost Stalker is a pussy compared to the cyborg commando. :yes:
  9. Lovin the new look

    Well look what the cat dragged in! :wink:
  10. Lovin the new look

    Jan and Lammie deserve a shed load of praise for their work on this site. Without them, this site wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is now. Thanks, dudes. :bow: