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  1. Doctor Who

    Apparently the R2 box set (not the Amazon exclusive Master cover) is double sided, The Doctor and The Master on one side, and the R1 cover on the other, like how season 2 had The Doctor and Rose on one side and a Dalek and Cyberman on the other.
  2. Tomb Raider Anniversary

    Just buy it off play or somewhere, I got the PC version for a very respectable £17.99 there.
  3. Cool Mario Kart 64 VC glitch

    Weird that. Me and my mates encountered the same problem on the N64 version though, we were playing with 3 players and on Bowser's Castle, it would run ridiculously fast, just like that video, and just on that race. Never known anyone else to encounter it though, was just damn weird.
  4. Best Film 2006

    Was Clerks II, probably been overtaken by Casino Royale now, thought that film was bloody fantastic!
  5. Doctor Who - The Runaway Bride scene leaked...

    Can always rely on rokhed to come and bitch about new Doctor Who, even when there's nothing to bitch about. This was a fantastic clip, still not convinced about Catherine Tate, but can't wait to see the rest of it. How is the TARDIS flying down a motorway anymore stupid than it going back and forth through time and from one end of the universe to the other? Exactly, it isn't, it's just that we've never seen it do that before. Can't understand these people that a) refuse to like the new Doctor Who, and b) insist on watching it just to go on about how crap it is to the people that do like it.
  6. Play.com - Cancellations and Confirmations

    Try Woolies, I ordered my 360 this time last year (12th November I think) and they got a premium one out to me on launch day.
  7. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICoDFooBXpU Pretty funny clip from this week's Robot Chicken in which Mario and Luigi visit Vice City, and Yoshi meets some of the inhabitants of Racoon City
  8. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    This game is looking bloody amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it. Really am hugely excited at the prospect of a 70 hour Zelda game.
  9. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

    I think it looks great, wasn't sure on the character models when I just saw shots of them, but when they're moving around it looks much better. Really looking forward to this. Nope, Grunty's Revenge was a parallel version of Banjo-Tooie, a what if. Both games are the second game in the series.
  10. Mario 2 was never really mario at all

    I thought it was common knowledge that it wasn't actually a Mario game, surprised so many people here didn't know.
  11. YouTube Your Favourite Show Openings!

    Farscape: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N6MgUHVfYc
  12. Doctor Who

    I really do love this show, and it hurts me to say that I didn't love last night's episode, it dissapointed me. Really, what was the point in bringing in millions of Daleks (which was a bit I loved, the shots of hundreds of 'em flying above London exterminating everything was great) only to have them all sucked into a wall a few minutes later? I think that had the very end been better, I would have forgiven the episode, because there was a lot of great stuff in there (I even liked all the Rose stuff, I was just waiting for this "best cliffhanger ever" (according to RTD) to come along), but then it's just a baffling ending with Catherine Tate in a wedding dress, and some dreadful title for the Christmas special, and it just put a cap to all the bad stuff, ending with something I hated, made me dislike the episode. Why is she there? This is Doctor Who, the Christmas special will get ratings whatever, it doesn't need a big special guest star. Would have been so much better if Rose had been the one in the dress, or Sarah Jane Smith, or if the black Dalek had rolled into the console room screaming "exterminate". But it wasn't. Ah well, I'll still be there next year, I just no longer believe that this show can do no wrong. Pretty sure twas a black one, and it's just the light on it thats making it look a bit lighter. The ark was sucked into the void though, so they'll have to come up with another way of bringing them back again, which is a shame, 'cos that was a good way.
  13. Doctor Who

    We don't know that (unless you believe the Star, who were making assumptions as noone as seen this episode yet), it's my belief that these Daleks were a backup plan during the Time War, that the Daleks realised there was a possiblity they could lose, and so sent some Daleks into an alternate dimension, so whatever the Time Lords did, the Daleks wouldn't be completely wiped out. The sphere weakened the barriers when it initially left this dimension and went to the other, and it was this weakness that allowed the TARDIS to cross over at the beginning of "Rise Of The Cybermen" and repaired at the end of "The Age of Steel", and the Daleks again weakened the barriers when they returned and the Cybermen exploited this weakness to come to an unprepared world. We'll find out for sure tomorrow.
  14. Knock ginger: Up or down?

    Hertfordshire, we all used to know it as "Knock Down Ginger". Haven't played it in years though, great fun, you need a spot where you can see the door from and not be seen yourself though.
  15. Knock ginger: Up or down?

    I'm pretty sure it's Knock Down Ginger.