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  1. Comedy Rainbow

    Loved the reviews Jimbob and Dannyboy! Epic 3 parter was ace. Didn't think I'd get through it all but you're just so darned watchable!
  2. Comedy Rainbow

    Haha no offence at all! In fact, negative offence as I'm overjoyed someone finds my messy mop cool! I've been gradually going grey since I was 15. It's not actually quite as bad as it looks in that video, I think a lot of it is the light. I am however still quite grey. Also: Comedy Rainbow.
  3. Funny Stuff Thread

    This is some hilarious shit.
  4. Borders And Jamieson

    A brand new, exciting video feature... REVIEWS OF CAR PARKS #1
  5. Shoes Question?

    Did someone mention SPAMBOTS?
  6. What Have You Bought?

    @ReZourceman YES! Would have been so good for Thorpe. Let's have a brainstorm for a suitably offensive design and DO THIS. Also, MadDog what's the new Marina album like? Loooovvved the first one.
  7. Borders And Jamieson

    Sorry, the position has been filled. Oh no, vacant again. Nope, sorry... Filled. Vacant. Filled. Vacant. Filled. ...
  8. good stuff thread.

    This is probably the gayest thing I've seen in a long time. Thorpe was fricking amazing though. Truly spermtastic.
  9. Borders And Jamieson

  10. Borders And Jamieson

    Character actor? That was just me under a pseudonym letting you know how I really feel.
  11. Borders And Jamieson

  12. Caine's Arcade

    Please just do yourself a favour and take ten minutes out of your day to watch this. The most heart-warming, sweet thing I've seen in a very long time. A mini-documentary about an 8 year old boy who has built his own arcade out of cardboard boxes and what happens when a flashmob group decides to surprise him and visit his arcade en masse. This kid is fucking awesome.
  13. The Fruit Mafia

    Best. Post. Ever. Ah fair enough. That's pretty logical. Remove Vote. Until someone more cleverererer than I am comes up with something.
  14. The Fruit Mafia

    I'm not 100% on this but I think somebody asked me whether I was town or not during my hyper day and I replied town. As anyone who's been hyper knows, you must tell the truth whilst hyper. I know the drunken thing isn't exactly useful or beneficial to town but it's not exactly that helpful to mafia either. As far as my PM is concerned, only 50% of words must be spelt incorrectly along with the hiccupping and burping. No idea how two people were targetted on night one. The power also gives someone a hangover the following day if they are a smaller fruit than myself. Lynch me if you like, I perfectly understand as my power is fairly useless and annoying but know that you are lynching a fellow townie. EDIT: Also as far as sending in 'no target', I missed a couple of times through being way too busy with other commitments but my PM is worded in a way that makes it sound like I shouldn't be 'no targetting'. I'm gonna Vote: Heroicjanitor as I have no idea how he's survived this far and I think there's something to 'The Grapes' voting for him.
  15. The Fruit Mafia

    I am a Vodka Watermelon. I targetted Eevil today. I'm town but literally my only power is that I make somebody drunk the next day.