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  1. Whats Your favourite Nintendo consloe

    SNES: defintly, Super MArio world, Super MArio RPG Super MArio Kart, the new way of Graphics in that time I say the SNES
  2. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    7/10, a little uhh... empty, background is good, but could use something extra..
  3. see here, I'm a little stuck to were to go... say what you think about it...(it sucks, doesn't it?)
  4. that's one of the thins I don't get about the english language (i'm still at school and learning it) the difference about one L and 2 L's
  5. The best console this generation.

    I still have to go for the Cube.
  6. I also like my current better
  7. Trying to reinstall windows

    Use Safe modus, that's one of the things you can do, save your work, put that disc in the cd drive, and reformat you hdd,and install XP on it..
  8. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    for Smalldude76: 8/10, the first picture is great and greyscaled but that thing there under doesn't fit it to well
  9. I see a lot ppl wanting "non-nintendo" characters in SSBR? how could taht be possible if SSb is only for Nintendo-characters? anyway, I want a lot of pokémon in it, some Star FOx ppl, some more Metroid, the Kong family, and that's almost everything I think...
  10. Video "screen capture" equivalent?

    I once found a program for it, but I forgot the name of that program, but those things are a lot used by ppl who makes video tuts.
  11. Your GameCube collections

    uhh... yeah... It's the same, only the first one was on SNes and MKDD was on Gamecube (+graphics.) man all thoise ppl have a lot of games, but I'm at least sure that I'm gonna get the New Zelda Game when it comes out here in Europe.
  12. Your GameCube collections

    phewww... ppl have a lot of games here, let me list my "little" collection. Super smash bros. Melee Sonic heroes Shrek 2 Super Mario Kart Beyond Good and evil Harry Potter 2 Def Jam Fight Vendetta Pokémon Collosseum fifa 2003 Nba Courtside 2002 (something like that...) that's almost everything I can think of now... + that I'm sharing it with my brothers and sister...
  13. Anyone compress a gif for me?

    you had should taken the one that redshell made 41Kb the one without less rain is a little empty with only a black background.
  14. Colours

    A black one, fits good with my tv. or if I get I a white tv I will get an white one (are there even white tv's?
  15. what consoles do you own ?

    SNES Gamecube Gameboy color
  16. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    yup sig above me: 8/10, looks really futurisict.
  17. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    I actually didn't use a tut, and that fond was to little to make it correct ( it was actually the font that was used to talk in Super MArio Rpg) about the sig above... me Looks fun but you need make it a little more quality.. 7/10
  18. Games your currently playing.

    I was playing Chrono Trigger, gonna play it again with the "new game +" thing...
  19. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    7/10, 5 different colors of controller, good picture...
  20. Your Official Reactions to the Revolution Controller.

    I think that controller looks a lot like a remote controller and that it's hard to control, I wanna play with that controller!!!, that's all I have to say
  21. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    I want that game, I want that Game, It's the best game ever, if I'm lucky and it will come out before my computer class starts and I start learning how to make a website, I'm gonna make it all dedicated to that game, if it isn't I wait until it comes out, purchase my own domain and domainname and do the above. sorry of this was a little off-topic... anyway I want that game, it's so realistic and there are some beatifull graphic, from what I've seen.
  22. Questions

    jsut make a topic about with the feature that you can see who voted and who not, and maybe there a feature for Vbulletin for showing that...
  23. Revolution: The Big Brother?

    That they made all those things touchalbe means that they can't be more realistic, if ppl want to have more realisitid games they should go to nintendo, if you want casual games go to another system, I mean if you saw the vid in how to use it, isn't almost the most revolutionairy thing they gonna bring out? the thing I don't get is: how to play Snes and N64 Games on it with out a Snes controler of N64 controller, I saw on a other board the suggestion about the Gamecube controller. I don't like that one cuase then I'm gonna ask myself where's the SNes/N64 feeling? aw well question of mine that still remain open. Something I must agree
  24. Well done guys :D But....

    I know that it's possible to center all this, looks more you know, better. and it's is a great job everyone did to make this site!
  25. See The Controller In Action (RECOMENDED)

    I must see this, I just one to know how to play it... *downloads it* see some thing of the movie, and it's even more realistic playing, as you watch that video!