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    I'm still a Schoolboy!!!!!


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    does a Pc also counts?
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  1. A Mario Christmas (Starts on page 8)

    They are still cool
  2. Where to buy snes?

    uhh.. 1992? /spam anyway, I wouldn't know .. the ones that are said above looks good. I still have my snes never play it .. inply cuase I don't have a tv to play it on ...
  3. A Mario Christmas (Starts on page 8)

    aww man, that comic is good.. need to check more and more..
  4. My first ever sig.

    first, sorry if I may sound rude :p but, I don't like the scan lines.. pixelfonts like some already ahd said and maybe you should visti some gfx forums to get better and and sorry for bumping etc. :P
  5. Firefox - disappearing bookmarks

    Scary. I never had that so I also don't have a solution for you, maybe try what the second poster said
  6. do you have frequent problems posting?

    ::EDIT:: I had that on error that it's a email send to the technical staff.. it's a problem with the database... for my above post... I believe you fully now... were have I been?
  7. do you have frequent problems posting?

    Probally some mistake in software, this is something that the administatrors must solf I think... I don't get to often errors, but when I do they are very annooying.
  8. Stardock

    I already have that, and the Vista skin sucks in all(how many l's do I need here?) ways. I als ogot those sticky notes that is from some other software of Stardock, but pretty cool :P
  9. Gmail invites

    I got the same amount, now I know I'm not the only one :P còòòòl...
  10. Post your Desktop(56k no no)

    here is mine desktop: waited a little long before I deciced to post it...
  11. DivX Create for free today

    I got THE EMAIL!!! and it does actually reallyworks, to bad they don't give away the MPEG2 codec but the guy above me may have it right you know.
  12. RAF

    I know and there comes the problem, I wear glasses, so goodbye dream, but maybe I'm going to some more techinichs.
  13. RAF

    hmm royal air force, 'tis in england, amybe something if I really wanted to be pilot, which I don't so...
  14. Revon Controller = Ball!

    same goes for me, such a boring video.
  15. RAF

    What is RAF? I never heard about that...