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  1. A Mario Christmas (Starts on page 8)

    They are still cool
  2. Where to buy snes?

    uhh.. 1992? /spam anyway, I wouldn't know .. the ones that are said above looks good. I still have my snes never play it .. inply cuase I don't have a tv to play it on ...
  3. A Mario Christmas (Starts on page 8)

    aww man, that comic is good.. need to check more and more..
  4. My first ever sig.

    first, sorry if I may sound rude :p but, I don't like the scan lines.. pixelfonts like some already ahd said and maybe you should visti some gfx forums to get better and and sorry for bumping etc. :P
  5. Firefox - disappearing bookmarks

    Scary. I never had that so I also don't have a solution for you, maybe try what the second poster said
  6. do you have frequent problems posting?

    ::EDIT:: I had that on error that it's a email send to the technical staff.. it's a problem with the database... for my above post... I believe you fully now... were have I been?
  7. do you have frequent problems posting?

    Probally some mistake in software, this is something that the administatrors must solf I think... I don't get to often errors, but when I do they are very annooying.
  8. Stardock

    I already have that, and the Vista skin sucks in all(how many l's do I need here?) ways. I als ogot those sticky notes that is from some other software of Stardock, but pretty cool :P
  9. Gmail invites

    I got the same amount, now I know I'm not the only one :P còòòòl...
  10. Post your Desktop(56k no no)

    here is mine desktop: waited a little long before I deciced to post it...
  11. DivX Create for free today

    I got THE EMAIL!!! and it does actually reallyworks, to bad they don't give away the MPEG2 codec but the guy above me may have it right you know.
  12. RAF

    I know and there comes the problem, I wear glasses, so goodbye dream, but maybe I'm going to some more techinichs.
  13. RAF

    hmm royal air force, 'tis in england, amybe something if I really wanted to be pilot, which I don't so...
  14. Revon Controller = Ball!

    same goes for me, such a boring video.
  15. RAF

    What is RAF? I never heard about that...
  16. DivX Create for free today

    that was the same with me... I'm still waiting to get that email and it was also still open when I send my reqeust, maybe it is just a publicity stunt... aw well need to wait for it, and else I'm going to what I did earlier, reïnstall it without those trial features, I'll wait for tommorow
  17. DivX Create for free today

    I'm wondering if it really works, I'm still waiting...
  18. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birhtday you all
  19. Computer Wont Shut Down

    ^I think my brother knows how that feel
  20. who likes teh chicken ?

    Lies around how it's made, if it's god amde then I like if it isn't good made I don't like it
  21. Computer Wont Shut Down

    if it's from 29th august it should be still in it's garuntee (did I wrote that correct?), and mostly that is fre, atleast it was by my brother... but be carefull with that... and do things that were already stated above.
  22. Sony is going to win this next-gen.Why?

    That's funny and can be true I think :P
  23. Converting a phone video file to a .GIF

    If you find a way to make it *.mov you can do that with Imagready (use a tutorial). that's everything for so far I know.
  24. Sony losing support & money?!

    If I see that post at that forum, I sure will think that Sony will end up third, Xbox second, and Revolution first, evweryone wants these days gameplay and more realistic games, and that is what you get with nintendo.
  25. Someone Make Me a Sig :)

    hey you know that you asked, me to make one for you = finished tommorow! I think, if I'm feeling a lot for it I make it today, but first things first, i need to type out something for school or else the teachers can't read and I wanna go badly to next class, but anyway results tommorow! *checks msn adress to be sure*