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  1. How was your day?

    Hung out with friends last night and today. It wasn't as fun as it could've been, but I wasn't stuck inside the house bored as hell for a change.
  2. The Book Thread

    Finished Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I read it in 4 days (I'm a slow reader). I've never read anything like it. I like how even without any names it's easy to get attached to characters, I miss the chubby girl already. I still have one question about the story though, anyone have any ideas?
  3. Anime and manga discussion

    More Zetsubou Sensei is all I care about.
  4. The Music Thread.

    9月にアルバムリリース決定!!!!!!!! 投稿日:2009/06/27(Sat) 10:28 POLYSICS、ニューアルバム『Absolute POLYSICS』を09/16(水)にリリースします!!!! 「Absolute」=「絶対的な」「完全な」という言葉通り、とことんPOLYらしい、POLYのやりたいことを突き詰めたアルバムになりそうです。 まだ絶賛レコーディング中ですが、期待していてください!! ■タイトル:『Absolute POLYSICS』 ■リリース:09/16(水) ■価格/品番: <初回盤(CD+DVD)> 3,360yen(税込) KSCL-1456~1457   <通常版(CD)> 3,059yen(税込) KSCL-1458 Which is moonspeak for: new Polysics album coming September 16th! I'm importing that bitch so hard.
  5. Michael Jackson Dead

    The jokes popping up since he died disgust me. Not because they're distasteful or anything, they're just so bad.
  6. How was your day?

    Having few friends that live near me sucks, especially when they're busy/not picking up the phone. Kinda bored.
  7. Recommend me some Blu-Ray

    I have a small Blu-Ray collection, and the only one that really stands out with it's image quality is TDK. Zodiac looks pretty good too, and is an awesome film, but doesn't really have a lot of action so I don't think that's what you're looking for.
  8. Michael Jackson Dead

    Doesn't matter how people perceived him the last couple of years, overall, the man was a legend. Sad to see someone go that actually made decent pop music.
  9. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    That is awesome. But from now on I'm staying away from NMH related threads/news. Don't want the fresh experience to be spoiled!
  10. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Jizz in my pants.
  11. The Book Thread

    A lot of Murakami's protagonists are called "boku", which is Japanese for "I, me". So when translated it's just translated as that. Bought Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World today too, can't wait to start it.
  12. That nintendo game you just didn't like

    Yeah, Pikmin here too. For about the same reasons Mcj Metroid posted. Feel free to do so!
  13. Movie Plot Game Thread

    GIS'ing Cole White brings up an interesting image result.
  14. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Who is that?
  15. Heroes Series 4

    I'll check out the first few episodes of season 4, but if it still sucks (which it most likely will) I'll just quit.
  16. Reggie wants ideas!

    Super Mario Galaxy 3.
  17. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Awesome optical illusion. It's not a screamer, I swear.
  18. How was your day?

    Yeah, Dick is a very fitting name for him.
  19. Becoming a 'grown up'

    I'm 20 years old, but I still feel as stupid as was as a 12 year old. Maturing means more freedom, but also more responsibility. And responsibility is still something I haven't quite gotten used to.
  20. How good is HD?

    Incredible. Not just for gaming, Blu-ray is awesome too. The Dark Knight's IMAX scenes for instance are mindblowing.
  21. How was your day?

    Maybe it's just short for ****************************************?
  22. User Image Gallery

    You wanted to go to a KKK cross burning, but then you ended up at a dress up party and were all like "eh, close enough", right?
  23. The patience thread (or lack of)

    Exams to finish. I need sleeeeeeep.
  24. I'm so glad I'm still studying for the next couple of years to come. Hopefully by the time I graduate things will be better.