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  1. Switch Gaming Bargains Thread

    Why is everything cheaper on the eshop than physically? I've bought myself a Switch ready for Christmas Day and I've found out that most of the games I want are actually discounted. Just Dance 2020 is £20 and it's dearer everywhere else. Ghostbusters Remastered is only £7 as well and Final Fantasy X and X-2 remastered is £23! I'm definitely grabbing these. I have a feeling I'm going to need an SD card! [emoji23]
  2. The way to explain it is it doesn't happen straight away. I can go for about 30-45 minutes wearing it and then I start losing my breath. I take it off and go behind the protective shield at work and stay there for a bit and then go back out. I tend to keep my distance from people and regularly sanitise my hands anyway and when I have to go within 2m, I'll put it on but make it quick. If there's a shop full, I go behind the screen (it surrounds the till). If I notice anyone coughing excessively, I politely ask if it would be okay if they can come back another day due to vulnerable customers (it's happened twice and they've been totally fine). So far, I've been okay. But then, apart from the issues I've had with masks, I've ALWAYS done this since Covid started anyway. I've sanitised and kept my distance and stayed away from anybody who coughed ridiculously. If anybody was ill pre-Covid, I did the same thing because I would always catch what they had and I was never ill. Only difference this time is that I can do it at work as well and not look strange, lmao.
  3. I knew this would happen. In November, where I was anyway, we all followed the rules to a T. Masks were worn when possible and when they weren't, a distance was kept. The only thing I saw nobody doing was the very thing that keeps infecting us: NOT SANITISING THEIR FUCKING HANDS! It just pisses me off so much. Like, my breathing has been far worse since the whole mask ordeal to the point I'm exempt. I wear it in short periods of times but can need a break and I constantly get "where is your mask?" and yet people are out here not washing their hands. When they ask me in a snotty manner, I always ask where their hand sanitiser is and so far, every single person has said "I use the shop's one at the entrance"...not all shops have them! Honestly, I'm over this. It's depressing me to the point it's affected my mental health and I know it has done to others too. So I'm just going to focus on the good and focus on having a decent Christmas, playing my Switch, getting pissed and stuffing my face. I suggest everyone does the same otherwise you'll work yourselves up.
  4. Christmas 2020

    That's good because I've bought Super Mario 3D All Stars and I was honestly living my best life. My inner child was buzzing! I also got a Mario carry case cheap as well. I think I'm going to get Just Dance 2020 or 2021 as well. Funnily enough, I did pick it up but they said it was a download code only and I very much prefer owning the physical version. Oh, by the way, I've got Tapatalk so here is the version I got. Sent from my G3311 using Tapatalk
  5. Christmas 2020

    Slay the Spire was recommended by another person here so that's on my list of games to play, haha. I'll check out Hades too. I'm sorry, I feel like I've hijacked this thread with Switch talk, haha. This is actually the first time in a long time where I'm truly excited for Christmas for the first time in a while so it was a big deal to me, lol.
  6. Christmas 2020

    Oooooh I can see the dilemma. I'm more than happy to wait for a few years for the PS5 like I did with the PS4, even though it's stunning. I've been so surprised as to what's come out on the Switch that it's blown my mind! There's a boxing fitness game I played on the Wii over lockdown and there's it's own Switch version but with songs! Definitely after that.
  7. Christmas 2020

    Not hugely digital unless it's something that's too good to miss but I'll definitely check it out. I also need to get the online for it as well because I'd love to play some SNES games on it and fly to my friends' islands on Animal Crossing.
  8. Christmas 2020

    Well, if my plan comes together it will and I'll be buzzing! Luigi's Mansion 3 looks insane though. Why are there so many good games?!?!
  9. Christmas 2020

    Oh, damn! Do you all still play?! It sounds dumb but this game looks a bit confusing to me, LMAO. I literally told people I got the AC version of the console and they're all like "What the fuck?!" haha. Even my manager was like "that's brilliant!" but I just wanted a bloody Switch!
  10. Christmas 2020

    Animal Crossing is already crossed off as I got it with the limited edition console (which everyone I know who is a gamer went crazy for), Odyssey is something I badly want BUT 3D All Stars takes priority, which I saw for £35 in (I want to say) Sainsburys and Lion King/Aladdin is £20 in my shop to which I'll get a discount, probably. I can definitely make it work somehow, haha. Basically, I want any Mario title, Luigi's Mansion 3, Lego Harry Potter, Doom, Just Dance 2018-2021, Kingdom Hearts (which I did not know was on the Switch and has now made it on my list!!!!) and Ghostbusters (to complete my collection as I have most of them on all consoles)
  11. Christmas 2020

    Bold words! I absolutely love Galaxy and still play it to this day! I'll definitely pick it up in yours and everyone's recommendation. I'm so happy because I have £70 to play with. I really want to get Mario 3D All Stars and hopefully I'll be able to find Oddysey cheap too! I'll have Animal Crossing, Mario 3D, Oddysey and (hopefully) Lion King/Aladdin! Do you like Animal Crossing?
  12. Christmas 2020

    Is it like Galaxy where you have to collect all the stars? Bloody love that game!
  13. Christmas 2020

    I can't insert the image but I bought the Animal Crossing version of the Switch. I've not had much experience of Animal Crossing but I wasn't keen on the DS game. I've heard this is supposed to be different though. I didn't actually care because everywhere didn't have any of the red/blue or grey ones in stock. Also, it goes with my limited edition consoles so I can't complain. Is Super Mario Oddysey any good?
  14. Christmas 2020

    So guys, I've been really craving for a Switch since playing one at work! I want the standard one, not the Lite, but I want a good deal. I want Super Mario 3D All Stars, Super Mario Maker 2, Aladdin/Lion King and Super Mario Oddysey. Are there any other games you'd recommend?
  15. Christmas 2020

    There's a post credits scene?! I've seen that movie so many times!!
  16. General TV Thread

    I've been watching all of The Flash for the first time and I absolutely love it. I'm on the Crisis of Infinite Earths at the moment. It's really enjoyable and has kept me sane through lockdown.
  17. Franchises they offed...

    Silent Hill or Dino Crisis. I love them two. I'd love to see updated graphics of these games!
  18. Christmas 2020

    That's not a bad idea but I think 2020 has been depressing enough already, haha.
  19. Christmas 2020

    Same here although this year, I'm going to buy some decorations a little earlier. Three guesses what theme I'm going for?...okay, it's obviously a Disney one. I'm also going to get myself a stocking...I've never had a stocking and I want to try and get myself into the Christmas spirit this year. As for my list, I'm buying myself Klonoa on the Wii and I might get myself Spiderman: Miles Morales or Assassin's Creed Valhalla for the PS4.
  20. What Have You Bought?

    That looks so beautiful!
  21. What Have You Bought?

    I can't see anything. I just see code. Can't wait to see it though! It sounds awesome!
  22. good stuff thread.

    Congratulations @bob
  23. I'm sick of these people who feel so self-righteous to be nasty to other people because they're not wearing a mask. It's actually really grating on my nerves now. It's like lockdown has stripped everybody of their manners. Even when I enter a store, they're like "WHERE'S YOUR MASK?!" in such a rude way and I'm like "Bitch, lower the tone and ask me politely and I'll respond politely". It's really getting to me now. Like, I wear a mask when my breathing is alright. When my breathing isn't as good (asthmatic), I don't wear one but I keep my distance anyway and it's only ever on occasion and I've printed my own exemption card from the government website for such occasions should anybody ask. I've seen endless amount of videos with people going crazy over other people because they don't wear one and it's like "Dude, shut up! Stay away from them, keep a distance and go about your day! You coped for the four months when it wasn't law. Just wash your hands, keep 2 metres and be good people." I went into Asda to get some lactose free milk and I had a woman practically shouting at me, saying "YOU NEED A MASK OR YOU CAN'T ENTER!" and I showed her my exempt card. She quizzed me why and I said "I'm asthmatic, which I don't mind telling you but honestly, you're not meant to ask. I've showed you my card but I can put my mask on if you want". She said "So you're not exempt then?" and I said "I am but you shouldn't ask people. It's on the government website". She told me I needed a sunflower lanyard if I wanted to not be exempt and she said it rather snotty and I said "Again, I don't. Clearly states it on the website. You need to read it. I'm not mad at you for asking but I'm mad at you for your approach. I know it's tough in retail but you don't take it out on the ones who haven't started on you..." and walked off. I paid for my milk and as I walked out, she wasn't at the entrance with her box of masks. The security guard nodded at me and approached me and told me he read the website and backed me up. He showed her and she wasn't too happy. Apparently she saw me in the self-serve paying and scarpered. Now, I'm not one of those people who refuse to wear a mask just because. However, I do believe that it shouldn't be law and that it should be a choice. If anything, you're touching hundreds of items in shops every day that have been held by literally hundreds of people beforehand. They could have germs all over them but I question how many people wipe over their items with Dettol wipes or clean them before putting them in their cupboards and fridges.
  24. This. Exactly this. The government has completely ignored any advice given to them. I understand the point of view of one set of scientists and another but the simple fact of it is literally what @sumo73 said- looking at other countries and seeing how they've handled the situation. I, too, was wearing a mask before it was made law (which I'm against) and that was something I did more or less from the start of lockdown along with gloves too and hand sanitiser. The fact that CIVILIANS saw that and wore the mask without it being a requirement to do so is what the joke is for me. Same goes with people fucking off abroad for their holidays, coming back and not isolating (and it has happened). People can blame wearing masks all they like (as that's all I've heard irl) but for me, I don't think people should've gone abroad on their jollies and should only go if it was absolutely necessary. People not staying hygienic would be another thing as well. They can close non-essential shops all they like but let's face it, everybody needs supermarkets for food and drink so obviously, supermarkets would be a hotspot for it, surely? This is something that's going to be here for a long time- just like the flu, which will also kill people at this time of year too.
  25. Technology In Ten Years Time

    Same here. I was reading this and wondered when Slaggis came back and read the dates, haha.