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  1. PC Gaming Discussion

    Just Satellite Reign and Door Kickers for me. Don't really want to get too deep into something as I'm waiting for the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion on Monday.
  2. Gaming Screenshots

    Not to teach you to suck eggs, but is your driver up to date? Playing a lot of Elite lately, currently saving for an Imperial Clipper and loving CQC.
  3. PC Gaming Discussion

    Looks great. On wishlist.
  4. Gaming Screenshots

    Star Citizen
  5. PC Gaming Discussion

    Free download from the Humble Store for Stealth Inc 2 https://www.humblebundle.com/store
  6. PC Gaming Discussion

    Yep, I do enjoy watching NiP, but they got fucking spanked by TSM yesterday. BO1 are unpredictable though and NiP are always late at peaking. Fnatic are looking really strong to win again... Kappa. Predictions for day 2:
  7. Final Fantasy XIV

    Bought Heavensward a few days ago, but can't access the content yet. Need to finish all the story up to patch 2.55 - which shouldn't take long as I was up to patch 2.4. Bit annoying but I can see the reasons behind it. It will mean though that new players will reach level 50 and stop there for a week or so (YMMV) until the story is finished and progress into Ishgard to start Heavensward, where I presume XP can be earned again to 60.
  8. Final Fantasy XIV

    Time to resurrect my Bard I think.
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Not true. I have a consistent 60fps at 1080p on a 970 with most on Ultra apart from Shadow Quality and Grass Density to High. Nvidia Hairworks off.
  10. PC Gaming Discussion

    I have 4 beta keys for Heroes of the Storm, anybody want one just let me know.
  11. PC Gaming Discussion

    In anticipation of The Witcher 3, and I also want to run GTA5 over 60fps at Ultra, I have ordered.....
  12. Grand Theft Auto 5

    Pre-Loading on Steam....
  13. Prison Architect

    Decided to re-install this after I kinda got bored after around 20 hours. I hear there is loads of new content so looking forward to playing again.
  14. PC Gaming Discussion

    Do it man. I love my self built PC. Although I am thinking about upgrading my R9 270X to a GTX 970. But might wait a month or so until Radeon launch the inevitable 300 series.
  15. Gaming Screenshots

    How is this game? It's been getting some good reviews and is everything SimCity was supposed to be apparently.