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  1. Modern Warfare 3

    Tesco direct for £34.90 http://www.tescoentertainment.com/store/browse/games/CODMW35OffOct2011/?sssdmh=edc3.474057&utm_source=Home&utm_medium=Rotating2&utm_campaign=CODMW35OffOct2011
  2. Pets (warning: cute pics)

    Here is my other puppy, well not a puppy any more,
  3. Pets (warning: cute pics)

    Here is my little springer, she 2 now and was a rescue dog, to be honest, she is more of a human then a dog!!! her and her ball!!! Bex playing on my PC she loves anything with a screen Her trying for a job in a call centre.
  4. LittleBigPlanet 2

    Now I have a reason to play this game
  5. I adore the puppy wallpaper, looks like my new member of the family , where did you find it?
  6. Good recent british sitcoms.

    Another brilliant one i doubt many people have heard of is "getting on" which is written by Jo brand, its about a ward within a hospital, and it is fantastically done, it so accuate based on my work experience in the type of ward she works at.
  7. iPhone 4/iOS4

    i just managed to order 2, took me over an hour to do and I've got: Estimated Shipping: By July 16th Estimated Delivery: 19 Jul, 2010 - 20 Jul, 2010
  8. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Like he said and people above, im not on a iPhone contract, i am on a o2 Simplicity contract which it £20 a month with 1600 texts and 800 minutes, with unlimited internet, i do believe it is the way forward, and o2 are seeing it too now, as they have updated the simplicity contracts, in to different sections, an iPhone, a blackberry and other!!
  9. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    You have to press L1 and R1 together, during the game and that sets up that crash mode for you, if i remeber correctly.
  10. Modern Warfare 2

    Im up for a PSN game, my name is AshP, free most of the time.
  11. Modern Warfare 2

    As is says in the article, I am going to wait for the supermarkets to offer it for cheaper, i am very confident that morrsions will be selling it for under £35.
  12. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Yeah, I noticed when i came back on here, my bad, but if it is possible could you send me the "go surfing" picture on a 1440 x 900 please
  13. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    I am in love do you have the original link?
  14. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I am, i hope!! looking forward to it, but the 360 price is making the decsion hard!