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  1. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    is it a day or a full weekend? sorry i cba reading it again
  2. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    are we getting drunk enough , to know to go home and get the right train back in time ? also im comming down with telynn , soon as he posts he is comming to confirm fuck me , prices for trains arn't cheap and im meant to be saving for a holiday....best either skip download or find a second way of getting income
  3. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    rarely logg in the forum any more , usualy just browse as a guest but..... A weekend where i can go meet strangers? a weekend i can have apart from my girlfriend? a weekend of possible drinking and gaming? are you crazy? I'll come down with my homie who lives nearbye and also is going count me in , a weekend away from a moangy girlfriend is just what i need :P
  4. Im with you kind of there , Cinema i like going too due to atmosphere and enjoying a film with alot of people
  5. Im bit off on this 3d thing , will it invole buying a brand new tele ? just got one in febuary and id rather not gett another but still looks ok
  6. I want to get a capture card for my pc but i want to use it to record stuff from my 360 and ps3 soo where can i get a good capture card with the right inputs and as well is there such a thing as 1:2 composite splitter with audio inputs?
  7. BT Broadband is now increasing its speed from a 8 Megabits Pers second to a nice 20 megabits per second and are also increasing the upload capp from 256-300kbps to 1mbps which will be a nice boost in upload videos and photo's , Although it will only be avaliable to 40% of the country at this moment , only city areas will benefit the most where as homes no where near a local exchange will not receive it Have not read much up on the subject just found this : http://www.techwatch.co.uk/2009/06/04/bt-offers-free-20-mbps-upgrade/ and a few others around on google after some broadband searchs last night but all i have seen through reading a few is that the upgrade will be free. "BT will start offering the upgrade to 20 megabits per second "within weeks" to any customer that contacts it, even those on its cheapest package, which costs £15.60 a month". Although the main catch of doing this is that you have to (if a existing customer) renew to a 12month contract with bt to receive it. Also BT are sticking to its "Throttle Back policy" at peak times for streaming videos for basic package customers So this should be a good update , if any one has already posted feel free to delete it
  8. Playstation 3 Online Meet Up Thread

    not played it online yet going too at one point but im up for anything.
  9. Playstation 3 Online Meet Up Thread

    Well im going to have a crack at rock band 2 endless setlist and hopefully do it all with out stoppin and beating visions then im going to a mate birthday but if any one is playing killzone , resistance 2 , lbp ill be on about 11pm but ill try be on earlier tommorow :P
  10. Playstation 3 Online Meet Up Thread

    well consider yourself lucky to be with sky , im stuck with bt and its unabilty to get past nat 2 settings on ps3 as well as having a stupid upload capp
  11. Guitar Hero: Metallica

    i can't wait for this game , personally love metallica but im not buying im renting first going to give it a shot and maybe if im cool enough try expert + bit of slayer never killed any one :P , on the guitar though sticking to rock bands fender due to i can pull off solo's easier with it , thats if it works n all
  12. Warhawk

    I used to have it ages ago was considering a re-buy but i never got into playing it often because its online and i like playing with people i know or am aware of then strangers but if i rebuy it which i may , ill let you know
  13. New Metal Gear game revealed in Famitsu

    Nice one :P made me laugh
  14. New Metal Gear game revealed in Famitsu

    my hope is new character , maybe raiden ninja kicking some tail of some sort and saving the world but snake being next to dead maybe make some sort of appearance or being mentioned , who knows and i'd love to play it on ps3 not fussed if xbox gets in on it i liked mgs 4 alot
  15. New Metal Gear game revealed in Famitsu

    off to sleep for an hour now guna wake up , and watching the count down :P