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  1. good stuff thread.

    Thanks. Chest is a great shout you absolute artist. : peace: Working towards chest format a 2013 goal. Yes it is extremely difficult to get rid of things nostalgia often gets in the way like there was a book "Poems for 7 year olds" Not read it since then but as soon as I picked it up it's like awwwwwwwwww I remember this I may read it again. *sticks it back on the shelf never to be touched* Fair enough. I have started to write a lot down about my day or the things that meant the most to me on that day. (the little things I might forget) Movies I have watched (+what I rate it), story ideas, what time I wake up go to bed. It's not really used as a I have this on this day diary. More reflective. I also have a notepad for a larger Journal but I'm not starting that until my travels. Plus I like carrying it around. Today one of my notes is "I was the abomination of Obama's nation." (Kanye West) @uəʌəsʎɐɾ I enjoyed our chess game would love to play again.
  2. good stuff thread.

    Each time I...there is a hair in my mouth pah fnahhh blarhhh! SPAH! Ok! Each time I tidy my room I get rid of more and more stuff. Soon their will be nothing left. Some draws are now empty apart from those annoying bits that you just have? but don't want to get rid of like a miscellaneous wire, an apple fridge magnet that says I <3 NY, the bayeux tapestry, Mozart playing cards...etc. Since I am coming up to 22 I've got an important documents shelf now. Complete with folders. I recently got a moleskin diary as well (50% off) which is beautiful.
  3. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    I really enjoyed this earlier. (before my Vita ran out of battery and I couldn't find the charger) I thought it looked crap as well, so pleasantly surprised. Something to catch up to US tv to.
  4. Board Games Vs. Splitscreen Multiplayer

    I recommend Chess.com. I use it for casual play whilst usually doing something else as you don't have to fully concentrate on the game. I prefer playing it with an actual board but I do enjoy the lack of human presence online as I find that part a bit awkward. :p (especially when people watch.) @Oxigen_Waste thanks for the board gams link. Been looking for Zertz for a while I played it like 3 times when I was in a board game society but couldn't remember the name.
  5. I want the penguin necklace. :)


    I want the penguin necklace. :D


    I want the penguin necklace. :grin:

  6. General Movie Thread

    Amour | Michael Haneke (2012) This film has broken me as a human. A harrowing but excellent film that I do not need to see again for a while. The best film I have seen this year by miles. Second place being taken by another french film Holy Motors. Well done France.
  7. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Love the powers/weakness bit.
  8. Dem' moments in gaming...

    Pokemon White: Garbodor. Capturing this guy and calling it Sexwhale. This will entertain me forever.
  9. The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

    I'm just watching the anime. Only manga I truly read at the moment is One Piece. Started a lot of new shows and I am currently marathoning Kuroko no basuke and HunterxHunter.
  10. What Have You Bought?

    Awesome. DO WANT. That boxset looks mentally good. It looks great to own for a rainy day where you are doing nothing and you are in the mood to blast through all eight movies in one go especially in Bluray! Do you have a favourite film? or an order of your fave to your least fave? My top 3: Prisoner of Azkaban, Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Philospher's Stone.
  11. Awesome stuff thread

    Does it work? I still have mine in a draw but it has long since run out of batteries, I think it will still work if I choose to replace them. Great find btw.
  12. General TV Thread

    CW cancelled The Secret Circle after 1 season, it must've been crap. :p
  13. Awesome stuff thread

    I dunno that picture looks sinister to me. Ulterior motives are a float.
  14. The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

    yes. Although I've managed to make it look more creepy than cute in my sig. I enjoyed the first episode more than I thought I would.
  15. The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

    It's not over yet. :p They also say over at Kotaku that it is one of the smartest anime they have seen in years so...
  16. good stuff thread.

    The other day whilst meditating I returned to my physical body so all is well. I had a delicious meal yesterday in London. Cauliflower soup with Parmasan cheese and then like pork on mash. (all this was put much nicer and in french on the menu ) I also got a new camera so I can take pictures on my travels which is in 18 days time.
  17. General TV Thread

    Watched the latest episodes in Castle and I'm pleased to see it has resumed it's playful nature. I like it best when its being silly. :p
  18. The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

    I just caught up yesterday because people were amazed by episode 14. Episode 14 is good and has kept me intrigued but leading up to that point the show was a bit of a mess, enjoyable (and beautifully animated) but not all that coherent story wise which made this episode lack an emotional kick behind it but I'm glad for this switch up in formula as they were sort of floundering a bit in the MMORPG. A good idea not fully realised to its full potential. I accidentally saw what is coming next and I'm left a bit meh.
  19. What Have You Bought?

    I got some trousers and some trainers. (I forgot to photograph the trousers.)
  20. Name That Game: 2012 Edition

    8. SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!
  21. The Cartoon Thread

    Cartoon Network 20th Birthday video. Recently I finished Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
  22. Looper

  23. Looper

    Top nonsense.
  24. Weird shit people do

    Once I get a new camera. I...errr...um!? *stumped*