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  1. What Have You Bought?

    My PC was starting to slow down, it was mainly dust but the thermal paste was pretty worn away so got some new paste and my PC is running much better now. With season 2 airing right now, I finally decided to get season 1 to add to my collection. With the new dub including the insert songs, it seems like a good idea to see how well these songs translate to English. New trousers and Cargo shorts as well.
  2. Tales of Arise (9th September 2021)

    A month before my Birthday, but I cannot wait for this. There going to be a couple editions of the game. The Collectors Edition (Already Sold out by the way): Tales of Arise full game An exclusive 18cm diorama representing Alphen and Shionne 64-page Artbook Steelbook® Physical and digital original soundtrack including 14 tracks Digital contents: Premium Travel Pack Artifacts, items Adventurer's Pack Premium Item Pack Artifacts, items, food, gald Premium Costume Pack 8 Costumes and 6 Accessories Collaboration Costume Pack: 3 costumes School Life Packs: 6 costumes Beach Time Packs: 6 costumes Warring States Packs: 6 costumes The Hootle Edition: The Hootle Edition has been inspired by the cute mascot of Tales of Arise! Hootle is a sweet white owl and also Rinwell's best friend! Fall in love with the charming bird and get closer to Tales of Arise's main characters: Alphen, Shionne, Law & Rinwell. The Hootle Edition includes: Tales of Arise full game An exclusive & Customisable Hootle Plush (15 cm) & 4 accessories 64-page Artbook Hootle Metalcase Set of Character stickers 3 Artprints Physical and digital original soundtrack including 14 tracks Digital content: 8 accessories representing different versions of Hootle
  3. Football Season 2020-21

    European Super League: Chelsea preparing to withdraw from proposed competition So it appears that Chelsea are going to request their withdrawal from the European Super league, so hopefully like a pyramid of cards, take part of the base away and the whole structure will crumble down. Edit: Man City appear to be following suit. The nightmare looks to be ending.
  4. Football Season 2020-21

    Let them go for it and if it backfires and they come crawling back, make them rejoin at the lowest in league 2, there needs to be major repercussions to any team willing to risk anything in pursuit of the pot of gold that is morally wrong.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    Had my eye on this for a while, finally put the pre-order down and it shipped the same day.
  6. The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

    Figured I'd share this here, a Humble Manga Bundle for the Spring Anime season is available if anyone fancies a load of cheap manga with such titles as That Time I reincarnated as a Slime, Shaman King and Eden Zero. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/spring-2021-anime-season-books?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_2_c_spring2021animeseason_bookbundle Also watched the first episode of "Please Don't Bully me, Miss Nagatoro" (Also available in the aforementioned Humble Bundle) and that first episode was much better than I expected, it's got a sizeable budget which is evident from the very start of the episode which is very pleasing. It adapted the source material really well as well, I'm gonna suffer waiting for it to come out weekly.
  7. Balan Wonderworld

    I have read accounts of people saying the full release is better than the demo. But when a demo is so underwhelming you can't really justify paying full price for a product you haven't been sold on.
  8. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    It's strange really, considering Mercedes stopped developing the 2020 car earlier than any other team, yet here are Red Bull who developed the 2020 car almost the whole season and they are ahead (Well Max Verstappen is at least)
  9. What Have You Bought?

    A lovely t-shirt from a little indie game called Omori, a game I completed today and would recommend you check out.
  10. What Have You Bought?

    I had some time off work sick last month so I'm going to get a considerably lighter pay check this month, trust my wireless headphones to break on me this morning, so I have had to buy another set.
  11. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    I am so sad, he made my early years of watching F1 so enjoyable with his love and enthusiasm for the sport. The commentators of today don't hold a candle to him. May he rest in peace with thoughts and prayers going to his family and friends.
  12. What Have You Bought?

    The current Humble Bundle, The Cybersecurity bundle that gives you the complete set of Avast tools for PC and Mobile. On a related note, anyone here use a mac who would like the Mac Premium Security? Just send me a DM if you want it.
  13. What Have You Bought?

    With my loyalty bonus from work, I decided to upgrade my computers Ram to 32GB, which has proven to be a good call, when my capture software was loaded up when I tried to open Minecraft it would crash, which upon testing it has stopped the issue from occuring.
  14. I was one of those people who skipped out on this game back on Wii, because motion controls hadn't sold me on a game that required actual accurate input when most Wii games just required waggle to do things and Wii Motion plus had it's issues. I will be one of those buying this game and going in virtually blind and fingers crossed enjoying the origins of the Master Sword.
  15. Legend of Mana (24th June 2021)

    From what I have seen, this Mana game is one of the more divisive of the series, some people love it and some loathe it.