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  1. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    The drip-feed of content should be evidence enough that Single player is not that important compared to the multiplayer aspect.
  2. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    Each piece only costs 100 coins, I bet you have more than enough to kit out a handful of characters at this point.
  3. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    My copy arrived yesterday but didn't have time before work. I'll give it a go whilst at my parents. Would love to play some games with (and against) you guys.
  4. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    Just in case people miss the free kick and want a quick look at it. It was fun when I got a decent team mate, the game at this point had loads of people playing for themselves, but on reflection, maybe some were just getting confused by the hectic gameplay. I can see this game being the best playing solo or with a full team so you get less confused on which player you are controlling. I got enough to keep my pre-order.
  5. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (June 10th)

    I'm gonna stream my session with the demo tonight, however sounds like it won't be a fun time judging by the posts on here of the earlier slots. Maybe it'll be better tonight, time will tell.
  6. Football Season 2021/22

    It's come out today that the kid he assaulted is autistic too. When it rains it pours. He should offer to replace it regardless but I'd be surprised if he didn't after this fact has come to light.
  7. Formula 1: 2022 Season

    Ferrari and Charles especially, are really pulling out a huge lead this early on in the season. Second DNF for Max is the main reason for that margin though. George Russell being 2nd in the standings just shows how consistent he has been in a car that is clearly 3rd quickest. Guess we just have to hope the short break before the European rounds of races can see some improvements to the teams that may help close the gaps.
  8. Reviving the N-E Mario Kart League

    It's really difficult for me to attend, what with rotating shift patterns weekly and weekend working (Which should be ending mid-March, but who knows at this point.)
  9. Nintendo Direct : 09 / 02 / 22 (10pm UK time)

    Chrono Cross Remaster, nice.
  10. UK Covid booster programme

    Well I must be very unlucky, I had my covid booster on the 29th (3rd pfizer shot), just a sore arm initially, but then the next day I started developing cold like symptoms, after checking the symptoms of the new Omicron variant I saw some in common (Sneezing, painful headaches and sore throat), just took a lateral flow this morning and it's returned a positive result. Never had covid until now and here we are. Ordered my PCR to confirm it now.
  11. Show off your Christmas Swag!

    I haven't used it too much, but from what I can tell, the face buttons, D-pad and Sticks feel like the Pro controller. However, the black buttons almost feel rubbery and in low light you can't make out the symbols on them and I'm not sure if I like them or not, the shoulder buttons seem a little bit bulkier than the Pro controllers but feel good enough. The biggest drawback for me personally is that my hands are quite big, so it doesn't take long for my hands to start cramping after booting the Switch up. But I would imagine for the younger gamer this controller would be ideal for them.
  12. Show off your Christmas Swag!

    Merry Christmas to all of you of N-Europe. I had been getting stuff for the past week from family and friends. Gotta split the post up accordingly. Firstly, the presents I got this time last week from my group of friends who hang out with me after work every other Tuesday. We always meet up the last weekend before Christmas to have a festive meet-up so all presents get opened pretty much at the start. Then last night my old Housemate stopped by and dropped off some gifts. As they were in a gift bag, he said I might as well just open them there and then. And finally on the big day, I went round first thing in the morning to spend Christmas with my parents and brothers. My older brother didn't know what to get me so he gave me a card with £20 inside. This Christmas arrived so quickly and now it's almost over
  13. Do you want a Murkrow egg or just a female one, unless you just want it for the Pokedex?
  14. Sorry @Glen-i I have some time now if you want.