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  1. The funny thing to me, is that people have said they would pay more for NSO if it had N64 games included. Now people are complaining they will have to pay more for N64 games. People who have been playing Nintendo consoles for a long time will already know how Nintendo's business model works, as has been said, conditioned to expect this. If people do not support it, they may rethink it, but as I said earlier, conditioned to expect this much.
  2. Back 4 Blood (basically, Left 4 Dead 3)

    It's live, but not really, seems as though the servers are struggling to cope. I tried a few times but I can't even join the matchmaking pool. But I shall try again tomorrow morning hopefully when it's more quiet.
  3. Back 4 Blood (basically, Left 4 Dead 3)

    So as the open beta starts in a few days time (12th-16th August) but there was early access over the past weekend for those who have pre-ordered or received free invite codes. Opinions seem mixed from those who got into the early access. But I'm hoping to get my Left 4 Dead group to partake in the early access at some point over the coming weekend to see for myself. Also, it's no secret it's coming to Game Pass on Xbox and PC day 1.
  4. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    It's been confirmed that Seb has been DQ'd from the race for failing to provide a big enough fuel sample. Which means Hamilton inherits second place and extends his championship lead to 8 points whilst Sainz is now classified as 3rd.
  5. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    Take a bow our 111th different race winner, Esteban Ocon! What an awesome drive, constantly under pressure from the 4 time world champion Seb Vettel but drove it almost flawlessly. That race was absolutely nuts in the beginning, not only the carnage at the first corner, but the standing restart only Lewis Hamilton took as the circuit dried so fast that everyone else pitted for slick tyres meaning he had to pit after that first restart lap and drop to dead last. Fernando showing he's still got it, what a team player keeping Lewis behind for so long that he wasn't able to take the win in the much faster car at that point of the race. Great double points finish for Williams as well, but George again outscored by his team mate, Mr Saturday but his teammate still scored more points than him. A few weekends ago we thought Max was going to walk this championship, but now into the Summer Break Hamilton and Mercedes are back ahead in both championships. Still really close and long may it continue. EDIT: Breaking news that Seb may lose his second place after they couldn't take an adequate sample amount of fuel from the car after the race. Would be so gutting if he does lose it.
  6. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    Not if you are looking for an authentic experience. Sounds like they went the Wii party game route and not even half the events are in it.
  7. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (27th July 2021)

    I've been streaming the game for the last couple of days, it's pretty good, about 3 hours and still on the first case.
  8. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

    Sadly I'll be missing most of the Olympics due to early shifts, it looks as though the BBC coverage this time is severely limited too.
  9. What Have You Bought?

    Ordered these 2 anticipated games on Steam, the latter I'm streaming tonight as it's already out Also ordered a new bag for work, the messenger bag I have used for the past few years is finally starting to fall apart, but should last me until this one arrives.
  10. Formula 1: 2021 Season

    Let me start by saying that I'm glad Max is okay. That was a lot like the 90's, two highly talented drivers fighting wheel to wheel and refusing to concede an inch to the other and it resulted in quite the crash at the end. I thought racing incident on initial viewing, both could have made more effort to avoid the crash but Max came off worse and I think the opinions of Horner, Red Bull and Max himself were expected. I think this all could have been avoided potentially with bigger wing mirrors because at the size they are now, they offer no peripheral vision so there is no way Max knows that Hamilton hasn't quite given up the move when he turns in, as they are now they are an aero part and don't function like they are intended.
  11. Unfortunately I didn't so I cannot offer a comparison. Sorry. I did end up borrowing money from my savings to preorder the Steam deluxe edition in the end. So whilst having to start over, I'm fine doing that. I'm gonna stream it too.
  12. So the game is out on Friday and I spent the first few days of my holiday with the demo and needless to say it has sold me to getting this at the next opportunity, it's a great deal of fun and I was able to recreate an old OC as my player avatar. (Hair was updated to better replicate her hair compared to the screenshot provided)
  13. Tales of Berseria (PS3, PS4)

    That's such a shame, I'm also shocked you found the game too easy, there were some boss fights I struggled with on Hard difficulty. What difficulty did you play it on? The highest difficulties are unlocked by fighting certain optional bosses, though Evil is unlocked by beating the optional boss in the swamp, Chaos can only be unlocked late game with equipment that will only drop playing on Evil difficulty, which is required to even do damage to that optional boss.
  14. What Have You Bought?

    Pre-ordered the Deluxe edition for PC from ShopTo for the same price as the standard edition
  15. What Have You Bought?

    I've just seen it on Zavvi for £40 plus £1.99 postage, gonna change my pre-order to them K-ON! Complete Collection Blu-ray (incl. Season 1, Season 2 and K-On! The Movie) Blu-ray - Zavvi UK