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  1. What Have You Bought?

    Cheapest I got them for was £62.90 from ShopTo with a silver member discount (£61.61 if you are a gold member)
  2. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    I started playing Super Breath of Fire, pleasantly surprised it was the original version of the GBA game I loved playing back in school. Pure nostaglia trip, just recruited Nina and now just wandering around because I forgot where I need to go next,
  3. What Have You Bought?

    Watched Vinny Vinesauce playing the game and decided to take the plunge, only £1 more expensive than physical and with the extra 200 gold coins, works out cheaper.
  4. What Have You Bought?

    Only shame I felt is paying full price for it. It doesn't feel like a £34.99 priced game to me, £19.99 at most.
  5. What Have You Bought?

    The Switch has fast become my console of choice. Sadly, my PS4 controllers both failed on me, I tried repairing them but I ended up making them worse, so I figure why not get on of those v2 controllers and see how it's better.
  6. Switch eShop Thread

    So I bought the game pass double pack a couple of months ago, rebought Splatoon 2 with one so I could do the Octo expansion. But I dunno what to use the other one on, I'm torn between Fire Emblem Three Houses, Links Awakening remake and Astral Chain.
  7. Gold Coin Collection 2019

    So half a year later, I did spend 500 points recently so it was more at one point..
  8. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    To be fair, when it comes to visuals, we have to remember that the game comes out in 5 months time, I'm sure if they pulled resources from their new game for the final push in tidying the visuals up, it will look much better by release. What they showed at E3 is by no means the finished product.
  9. Football Season 2018/19

    For a player with a year left on his contract, that fee is incredible (Including the £50 mill in potential add ons), Chelsea have done well on that one. I expect Chelsea to spend big in next years transfer window.
  10. Pokémon Direct - June 5th: 2pm

    Why are these Pokemon Directs always right as I finish work? I would love to be able to sit down in a comfy seat to watch these on my TV rather than in the locker room on my phone.
  11. Team Sonic Racing

    Wisps were a mistake, I can't tell what half of them are meant to do and with items that is half the fun of a mascot kart racer. Another issue is the restrictive nature of just Sonic themed tracks, with all the different franchises and characters in All Stars Racing there was a lot more variety and potential. I do think it's a huge downgrade overall. The team Mechanic is the only redeeming feature of the game, but it just makes the non team racing even less substantial and dull to play. They should just (And I know some people would be against this) port All Stars Racing Transformed to Switch
  12. Football Season 2018/19

    Well Chelsea made that difficult, great saves from Kepa in the shootout. It's the first time in history that all the final places in European competition have been filled by a single nation.
  13. Football Season 2018/19

    I can only hope the defensive changes are made this summer, if the teams swapped centre backs I'd wager Arsenal would have won comfortably and this is a team that barely survived relegation this season, the stats are damning, after having on paper the easiest run in, we are dead last in the table for the last 5 games, that is simply not good enough. The only upside is that the Europa League is still very winnable but we have to repeat the performance in Naples to make the final.
  14. Football Season 2018/19

    Are Spurs gonna "Spurs it up" right at the end yet again? Sons red card was surprising in the fact you don't expect to see him do that...But Foyths red was just unnecessary which says nothing of how Dier didn't get sent off, 3 yellow card challenges, one of which should have been a penalty, yet only got one. I honestly thought Bournemouth weren't going to score. The door has well and truly been left open for Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U.
  15. Switch eShop Thread

    Well when I sold Mario Oddysey that price is what I got for it plus shipping. Picked it back up.
  16. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    To be honest, I've already opened it and invested most of my Thursday and Friday into it, it's not a great game but I've still been enjoying it, all those cards with all those new forms and art preys on my collector instinct and Dragonball fandom. You can build a pretty powerful deck early on so most maps are a doddle, got a load of Saiyans in my main deck that clean up most battles. The premise and dialogue almost feels like a meme game. You can't take it seriously.
  17. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    Welp, I forgot about my ShopTo pre-order, just got the dispatch email today. Well into my savings I go I guess.
  18. April's Switch Lineup: What Will You Be Buying & Playing?

    Dragonball Heroes I'll likely wait for reviews, not much money this month so I can't buy anything til the 25th but the Ace Attorney trilogy will tempt me if it's no more than £29.99, otherwise I can wait. Quiet month for me on the whole but I have plenty to play at this point anyway.
  19. Football Season 2018/19

    So this news has just broken. Aaron Ramsey signs Pre-contract deal with Juventus worth over £400,000 per week. Ramsey is good but he isn't £400,000 per week good. Best of luck to him and I'm sad we're letting him go.
  20. General Switch Discussion

    I must have at least 25 games in my Switch backlog, can't see myself really getting into it at all until my two weeks off work from the last week of March.
  21. Football Season 2018/19

    Body recovered from plane wreckage confirmed to be that of Emiliano Sala RIP, now lets hope they can find the pilots body soon for his famillies sake, thoughts go out to Sala's family too.
  22. What Have You Bought?

    Comes out in a few weeks and shipping will be a few weeks longer, but i'm looking forward to when it arrives, it's got English subs so I'll be able to fully enjoy it.
  23. Football Season 2018/19

    The wreckage of the plane carrying Emiliano Sala has been found in the English Channel
  24. Nintendo Switch paid online coming 2018

    Not entirely true. You pay base price for an incomplete game unless you buy the gold edition (Not forgetting the middle ground silver edition which honestly are pointless in my opinion) which can cost upwards of £90, some of the games you have listed do that, but even then you aren't getting the complete experience unless you buy the tiers of Special editions, Limited editions, Ultimate editions or some other named editions with cheap tat you don't want and those are entering £100+ territory. It's becoming an increasing common practice especially among the major 3rd party developers such as EA and Ubisoft to chop content out of their games so they can tempt people with more content to help shift these other editions of games. At least back in the day you paid a price and know you are getting the complete experience.
  25. The new anime and manga thread! [Use Spoiler Tags!]

    Man, you guys make me feel very lucky, I watched it with mates in a virtually empty cinema, probably helped that the screening I saw wasn't listed on the Broly Movie website and wasn't advertised in the cinema itself either. I was pleasantly surprised that they managed to retcon the backstory of the saiyans as well as they did, I miss Bardock developing into the antihero but they improved a lot more so I was satisfied overall. I can't help but feel after the grand opening they gave Frieza during the intro flashback, he kinda becomes a Saturday morning cartoon villain by the end of it, which I found quite funny. I can only wonder what the directors cut will add when it comes out on Blu Ray.