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  1. Holy fuck, we're a bunch of drama filled lot. We definitely have more weird relationships/dead parents than like... a random group of people? Surely?


    Hmm. I think it's probably gotten worse.


    When I was younger, I think it was pretty normal. My parents split up and I used to see him every three weeks. He'd come and take my sister and I out for the day, and then three weeks after that I'd stay at his for the weekend, eventually my sister got too old for this so it was just me. Fairly standard, normal-ish but somewhat distant relationship.


    Then that kinda stopped when I got a little bit older.


    Then my mum died, and pretty much immediately after that happened (not related though) he moved to Italy (with a woman he married, whom is a nasty piece of work - e.g. didn't want him going to mum's funeral, pinched him till he drew blood on a bus in Italy in front of my sister because she couldn't get her way or something) and since then really our relationship has been the occasional text and I see him about twice a year.


    He's done a few things very recently that have been mildly fucked up. (I should say at this point that Claire thinks most of my family are a joke, like....with their lack of fuck giving and selfish natures etc) so he made me cry a few months ago which was pretty disappointing, we were talking on the phone and he said my YouTube shenanigans are "Pie in the sky" stuff. Now - I'm sure a lot of people probably agree, but you kind of expect to get support from your parents at least, so I had to hang up on him then, I was too upset.


    And another thing he said was just fucking crazy and made me think "Ah yeah, so actually...fuck you to be honest". He trusts me so little/thinks I'm some kind of out-of-control mentalist that....well...he is giving us some money towards our wedding, and he said "I think I'll pay it to Claire's bank account instead of to yours or a joint one, don't want you spending it on LEGO". I didn't even react, it was just a serious change in my mind that made me go "Okay, you're done".

  2. Comedy thriller vibe, I basically get a Lock Stock/Snatch feel from the poster.


    I'd definitely be interested in the London screening. If it helps I'd do a review for minor YouTube channel Movie Review UK.


    Well done. Think the poster looks good and it's great that you've made a swell achievement.

  3. I feel like both games tried to expand the formula by the wrong means. One decided that sheer scale was the thing people loved and leaned into boosting that aspect, and the latter jumped up the complexity and "collect-fest" angle to create the illusion of depth. Not that either game was bad, by any means, but no, they didn't hold a candle to BK. Hopefully though Yooka is a child of a more introspective time for developers (which I certainly feel that we're in) where they're free of overhead interference and able to appreciate the core of what makes good things... good.


    This is a cracking post.

  4. But this is the first time with this style?


    XY and this look pretty identical to me. I essentially mean, I'm looking forward to a main series Pokemon game where we can say "Wow the graphics are awesome!" (e.g. Pokken).

  5. I mean. Brilliant.


    Looks good, but the shenanigans was all a bit boring. Would have preferred some more interesting Mon' were revealed.


    Glad for the completely free movement though. Looks a bit more bold and dynamic than XY too.


    Just really want to get away from this style, but I'm still satisfied and will get it/them.

  6. Got sent a product to try today (well) before it's released. Plain white bag as packaging not yet designed, they want me to give feedback to them on it in case any changes are needed. I'm the only person outside the company to know it exists.


    Pretty fucking sweet.




    And we got invited as VIP guests of another company to go to the BBC Good Food Show.


    Pretty fucking sweet.

  7. Ups and downs beyond belief.


    - Japanese food I ordered arrived.

    - A company I've been trying to get (buy) a drink from are being cunts, after weeks of messaging on Twitter I get an absurdly unhelpful e-mail from them, after they promised me they'd sort it.

    - My friend sent me a message to tell me that a product I've been desperate to try from America (Four Loko) has been sent to him after a subscriber saw me say I wanted to try it.

    - My mate got Uncharted 4 at work, I ordered from the same place and when I got home didn't have it (video below).

    - I got an e-mail from one of FRUK's favourite companies asking if I'd like to try their new product exclusively before anyone else/before they announce it.




  8. Now that's an actual teaser trailer (unlike Rogue One). Looks good. Hope it isn't too pandering.


    Yes, I've actually been able to watch it a few times because the entire plot isn't revealed. Awesome trailer. Looks so different and visually impressive. Looks a bit Inceptiony with the worlds all folding and ting.

  9. Whoa sick vybez blud, how do?


    My day was shocking. Just an overall shit day at work. Busy. Stressful. Hate it for the people I manage. So busy because we're so understaffed because they put some spastics into position of power, and it's taken them 9 months to prove we're understaffed/lack of foresight/bullshit, and weird internal fucking shenanigans going on today. And people kicking up a fuss over literally....zero nothing massive patheticism.

  10. Pros

    - I really liked Batman.

    - I really liked Wonder Woman.

    - A lot of the action is really good.

    - I really liked Lex.

    - I really liked the entire cast.




    - All over the fucking place.

    - Dialogue.


    Justice League stuff was not only absurdly out of place, but looks guff. Flash looks alright. Aquaman acted really fucking stupidly. Cyborg looks beyond ridiculous - Cyborg was Batman & Robin quality.