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  1. On 7/16/2019 at 11:52 AM, DriftKaiser said:

    The whisper quest is only available every weekend (Friday to Monday) during an IO public event, there are a secret room on Titan to pick the Outbreak Perfected Quest and Thorn/Lumina Quest in the camp on EDZ map. Give me a shout when we are online at the same time. :) 

    I'm 99% sure Whisper is available all the time now. During any Public Event in the Lost Oasis.

  2. Austringer with 'Subsistence' and 'Rampage' is low-key fucking insane (Plus Accurized Rounds). Obviously the diminished reserves is a real sticking point. But...holy hell, in the right circumstances this thing is an exotic-level weapon. Imagine never needing to reload and proc-ing Rampage x3 with ease...until you run out of ammo.

    I'm keeping it for when they buff Subsistence.

  3. Anyone want to do the OG Leviathan raid tonight? Or the raid lairs or one of the other ones?


    Also, I just want to say I have been having so much fun on this. I feel like it's finally become the game I always hoped it would be and (especially having seen the choices Digital Extremes have made with Warframe) I am super excited to see where Bungie take it now they are independent.

    The absolute highlight has been Zero Hour. I don't think I've played a bit of content that needed repeating as often and was still as engaging every time I ran through it.

  4. On 6/18/2019 at 7:34 AM, Glen-i said:

    BTW, one of those Pikachu knock-offs won a World Championship. So it's way better than Pikachu. Buzzwole (an Ultra Beast) is legit one of my favourite Pokémon from Sun/Moon. It's super hilarious!

    As @Ashley pointed out, Buzzwole is one of my favourites. He's just so utterly bizarre but kind of amazing. Him and Marshadow I absolutely love.

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  5. I'm torn between looking stuff up and just letting stuff happen. I'm going to resist the temptation to check which one the Whisper quest is...but I think I have a good idea.

    Just to get the ball rolling...

    We've all done the first raid.

    What is the 'raid' after and what is the light level requirement?

  6. The hardest part was getting from 300 to 330 lol. Since passing that level, maybe I hit a part of the story that allowed it, I have skyrocketed up. Maybe I've been lucky with drops too.

    But there was a point where Ikora gave me a package and I was like 'Why do I want this blue trash' and it was like 150+ light levels than what I was on.

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  7. @Map @MilaGi @Deathjam @Eddage

    I'm definitely for some raiding. Like Eddage, I've only done the first raid. Would be neat to do the others. I'm like light level 600 odd at the moment. I don't know what the requirements for the raids are.

    I know @DriftKaiser has recently got back into the game so hopefully we'll be able to get a team together

    I think I'll be playing it far more casually than I ever used to so whenever is good for everyone

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  8. I picked up Forsaken and played it over the weekend.

    I'm not sure if it's just because my expectations were super low, but I just loved it. Did the Barons and then the 'Nothing Left to Say' mission. There were hints of it during Taken King but this is what Destiny missions should have been from day one. Genuinely well written (it's not Shakespeare, not that that really needs saying, but it really delivers what it's trying to), varied objectives, surprising mechanics. The tone walked a great line between serious, epic and fun.

    I'd definitely like to give the raids a go if anyone is up for it.

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  9. So, basically it ended up that the account doesn't need me anymore which has left me kind of aimless at work and I'm not really getting regular briefs from the other accounts. I don't think this sustainable for obvious reasons and it's only a matter of time before they tell me that. In the meantime I've been speaking to recruiters and all that.

    I have an interview today for somewhere that I'm meh about. But we'll see. The money is better but the direction of work isn't really what I'm looking for and it's about time in my career that I settle on a specialty – I'm kind of bored of being a jack of all trades and master of none. Maybe I'll change my mind when I talk see this new place.

    But I doubt it.

  10. 3 hours ago, dwarf said:

    I thought about using the app but is it not counterproductive to divert your eyes from the screen so often? Maybe if I rested my phone on a makeshift book stand I could make it work.

    I'm totally with you on the minimalist HUD in theory but I find the extra hassle isn't worth it. Even the option of turning it off completely and recalling it with a button press is too distracting.

    I've kept all the HUD defaults except for GPS, which I got rid of. Journeys take longer but I like making my own choices and going off the beaten track.

    Ah, yeah, at first I had it flat on the sofa next to me but I found a way to easily prop it up and have it sitting in front of me. If you can have it so it's easy to glance at on a stand, I 100% recommend it. 

    Also, I went the other way with GPS and turned it on. I use the 'cinematic' thing a lot to auto-ride and just pay attention for any blips that pop up on the radar. I tend to switch between cinematic and manual quite a lot; usually manual when I have a good idea where to go and the auto when the journey requires a lot of turns and looking at the map and screen at the same time is impractical.

    When I'm not going anywhere in particular, having the map on the app isn't an issue. Yes, it's slightly more convenient to have it on the screen but it's also butt-ugly and I much prefer it without.

  11. I get criticisms about the game being slow (animations and looting and such), but it's clearly pretty deliberate and I actually really appreciate it. The world feels lush and alive. I was riding to a waypoint yesterday when a thunder storm hit, it looked unbelievable. The controls are another matter. They feel at best clunky, at worst convoluted. I think I'm getting used to them but they are certainly jarring at first.

    The inventory system is kind of trash.

    The absolute worst thing is the tutorials in the upper left-hand corner that appear as you're doing something. It was telling me how to quick-draw in a duel as the duel was happening...and there was no way I was going to win that one. Seems to happen a lot. And it's really shitty. But I guess that'll be less of an issue as the game goes on.

    15 hours ago, dwarf said:

    I was getting annoyed at having to press two buttons to display the map, and then I thought, 'maybe if I hold options down that will take me straight there.' It did.


    I'm using the app and have the mini-map disabled on the man screen. I reeeeeeeeeeally love having virtually no HUD.

  12. On 9/28/2018 at 3:53 PM, Charlie said:

    From what I've heard there are no plans for them to open it up to other games, for example FIFA which is one of the few games comparable in size to Fortnite, so it's a one-off from Sony because they were getting bad press and likely because they thought the limitation was detrimental to sales of their console.

    Then who gives a shit? It's just one stupid game. One game gets cross-play/save? And that's it? Forgive me for not praising or damning Sony for an utterly pointless gesture. Wake me up when cross-play is standard across all games.


    We will update the community once we have more details to share, including more specifics regarding the beta timeframe, and what this means for other titles going forward.

    'Other titles'. Am I hallucinating this statement? What have you heard that point to the contrary?

  13. 6 minutes ago, Charlie said:

    Yes but they managed it on Day 1. All the issues you mentioned weren't issue or were resolved. The game has been out for a year on Xbox and PS4 now. It was completely Sony holding things up because they didn't want cross-play.

    I don't deny Sony held things up, but why is that a bad thing?

    like I said, Fortnite is a pretty homogenised experience, but what about my Warframe example?

    If cross-play/progression/commerce makes sense, then it is worth doing properly. So either this is just another singular exception (and a PR stunt), or it marks real change to all cross-platform games.

    So, which one do you think it is?

  14. 14 hours ago, Kav said:

    Epic had previously unlocked cross-play on PS4 Fortnite ages ago but had to lock it under the instruction of Sony. It was possible months ago.

    I’m very glad they changed their tune.


    Right, but that's not my point. If I buy a Season Pass on PSN, does it work for my XBL and for my Nintendo Switch? And if it does, who gets my money from the Season Pass? Sony? Okay, but Microsoft have a discount on V-bucks, so I'm going to buy it on XBL and use it on my Switch.

    That's just one game with a relatively homogenised system in place, but take Warframe for example, if I sell an item on one system to someone on another system...then I've just put money in the pocket of a competitor. 

    I'm going to play Destiny on Xbox, but I'm going to use my Playstation exclusive gun... and Bungie have accidentally made this gun a bit too OP, but now I have an unfair advantage. Obviously Bungie is at fault...but it's going to tilt people.

    I'm going to play Overwatch on Xbox because Microsoft support Keyboard and Mouse, except that isn't supported on Playstation... I don't need to explain this one (but I will say K&M should be a standard option in all games and matchmaking should take into account input device).

    But what about when it comes to reporting people for abuse? Or party chat? Or sending messages? What about game invites? Cross-game cross-platform invite?

    The legals of signing into PSN has, up until this point, only had to concern itself with other PSN users – who all sign the same agreement. But how does that have to change to accommodate another network of gamers with its own T&Cs? 

    Clearly, it's not too hard, but it was never simply about the flip of a switch IF this is meant to be rolled out into more games. 

    And, this isn't just cross-play. It's 'cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce'.

    I too am happy that Sony have come around, but I would hardly call them slow on the up take – how long have Xbox and Switch players been playing together? About four months. I'd hardly say that was long when the real aim is standardised cross-play across both/all networks.

    I mean, the Fortnite cross-play is still in Beta. If it was as easy as flipping a switch, why would we even need that?

    We've had numerous cross-platform games before, so why is this different? It's either a pointless PR stunt for everyone, or we're actually looking at a more open way to play, and that has a lot of logistical and legal implications.


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  15. You say the backed down, but these things take time to implement and this beta is going live today. I'm not saying they weren't pushed into doing this, but cross-play is not a simple matter and if it is to be rolled out across more titles it needs a measured approach, especially since this isn't just cross-play, it's 'cross platform gameplay, progression and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems'.

    Now if they could sort Keyboard and Mouse support out, we'd be golden.

  16. I'm anxious because the account I work on basically gives me less work than it used to. I've done a few bits on other accounts recently but I don't really feel part of the process and I don't get much feedback. While I was picked for pretty particular reasons for this role, the two people involved in my hiring have left/are leaving; one agency side, the other client side, so I kind of think my role has become redundant.

    I've kind of just hoped things would return to normal and I'd start getting more regular briefs in (because I really like this account), but I think I'm kind of in denial.

    I could be over thinking it, I usually assume the worst but...part of me thinks this job is handled really fucking stupidly and that having someone full time on it is not worth it. Things do tend to calm down around this time of year but there's just been a bit too much change. While the processes involved in the job have never been efficient (and part of my job was dealing with that) I feel that it's got to a tipping point.

    So, yeah, I dunno. I'm having a catch up with one of the higher ups in the agency tomorrow. Last time we did a catch up, they were really accommodating but this account is just awkward. I often feel redundant, so I'm kind of expecting them to make me so at some point.