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  1. I've been working with my good friend Rogultgot (you might know him from fireball20xl) to bring out a fun little Christmas parody song, with the world of gaming and all mentioned. Topics range from sold out, importing, MKDS and World of Warcraft. It's crazy and all that. There's the download, little album art and lyrics at http://www.britishgaming.co.uk/?p=251 - please enjoy!
  2. This Months NOM

    My subscription copy doesn't seem to have arrived, must have ended an issue early. Oh well, off to the shops to buy this one.
  3. Nintendo Europe under construction

    Interestingly though, the original note said “we’re currently arranging some technical modifications. †- and with the laziness of them, I wouldn’t put it past them to just be ARRANGING them, and not actually doing any. Pity that it seems it must have just been cleaning up and general maintinance, and not the hoped for and promised by the guy from NOE features of VIP24:7 accounts being intergrated with Wi-Fi codes, which is currently done on the US one. Hey, isn’t that Wi-Fi EU site a LITTLE overdue?
  4. Nintendo Europe under construction

    You have to go through the root domain, not to seperate sites. I'm not expecting anything big (they said before the site was upgrading when it became the one we have today), but maybe adding Wi-Fi stuff to accounts.
  5. What do you want from a gaming TV show?

    I'd say, Videogaiden, but longer, not a 6 episode run, and in English. Blinkin' scots.
  6. (XBOX)Shadow the Hedgehog anyone got it??

    My friend Rog made this comic, sums it up perfectly: Oh, here's the review the comic was based off: http://www.britishgaming.co.uk/?p=164
  7. New NOM

    It gives it a sort of a branding though.
  8. New NOM

    Hands down, the best part of the mag.
  9. Stars Catalouge, anyone's arrived?

    1080 arrived a while ago. Does anyone elses copy of it have a little silver sticker on the disc? Mine did - I took it off, and underneath, there was a rental sticker on the disc!!!
  10. Stars catalogue updated!

    Really? I've seen alot better stuff on the Belgium site. Well, one of the 2 Belgium sites. Confusing that is. You once had these cool DS bags, lots of Metroid demos, there was as you said Nintendogs before launch, tshirts.... If you're not too happy yourself, write to whoever distributes Nintendo stars items there. Maybe start you own campaign? And so, I've written up my article at the site I work at, if you could spread this around, and get writing we can get campaigning! http://www.britishgaming.co.uk/?p=102
  11. Stars catalogue updated!

    GUESS WHAT? I GOT A REPLY! It's very short, and they said that the UK Stars Catalouge is very young compared to other countries. ANSWER: What the hell? Europe launched the Stars Catalouge at the same time, didn't they? Why would some countries, especially one of the biggest ones for sales, not have it last? Though I do agree, the decent updates are young. The stock that is placed on the catalogue is always of a good quality, and we are always looking to place on items we feel people will want to exchange for their stars. ANSWER: Uh. huh. Stock clearance, and unshipped rental copies of games. Unfortunately, some items of stock do tend to dissapear very quickly. ANSWER: Gonna agree with you here, as the UK is like the cookie monster, but only with merchandice. "MERCHYMERCHYMERCHYMERCHY!" I did not get answers to why: 1) They shipped out rental copies of 1080 Avalanche 2) Where Nintendo UK's allocation of Nintendogs promo materials went 3) WHY we don't get good stuff.
  12. Stars catalogue updated!

    Germany even has DS cases to buy! Those german suckups with Nintendo being there in Germany. :P Belgium had Nintendogs up before it came out, so it can't be a Germany-has-nintendo-europe-in-it thing.
  13. Stars catalogue updated!

    Alright, I've sent my long email off. I should get a responce tomorrow, then I'm gonna be starting a snail mail campaign. Worked for Dreamcast games, and I think if we send mail to Nintendo UK and Codestorm (handles stars cat) we can do something. Snail mail = real life mail.
  14. Stars catalogue updated!

    It's Germany. Please send complaint letters, but make them nice and proffessional. I've sent one.
  15. Stars catalogue updated!

    Monthly. There's often DS stuff, and GBA stuff. By the way, go through THESE 4 PAGES AND TELL ME WHY NINTENDO UK HAS TO SUCK SO MUCH C**K. http://www.nintendo-europe.com/NOE/de/DE/stars/stars_list.jsp That is the LAST. STRAW.