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  1. Fear can't give you the key of the door...

    Happy birthday to you! And thanks to those that wished me it too!
  2. Have you ever been wedged between a barrier?

    Haven't got stuck in a barrier on the tube, but it always amuses me when tourists try to use their paper tickets as Oyster cards, and stand there for ages wondering why it doesn't work.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy

    I've got ~70 stars and have done the final boss. I love the music in this game, and the game istelf has been brilliant too. Cannot wait to see what the final galaxies hold!
  4. Awesome photos, Maiky-NiSuTe! In case anybody still cares/wants to hate me further, I found some more photos of my friend: http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/news_161107_mario.html and http://i-am-random-j.blogspot.com/2007/11/cosplay-of-day-chain-chomp.html (in the ONM photo I'm wearing my blue mushroom kingdom t-shirt behind the Iranian kid)
  5. Picture won't load for me, but if you were Toad with a waistcoat and big hat and got to the Oxford St. one at about 7:30-8:00, I saw you. We were leaving when you/someone else came.
  6. He still might. He now has 2 Wiis, so one will go. Found an image of it from Gamespot: Looked a bit better when the mouth was more closed, but still good.
  7. At 7 there were still camera crews left. We had to hang around for him to get interviewed etc. It may have been him you saw, if it was a chain chomp costume that was about 5ft tall and looked like a few bin bags. It took him ages to make, and it was impressive but didn't look perfect. I think he won because practically all the other costumes were either just hats or ready-made costumes. With this one he'd done it all himself.
  8. Yeah, I think he's popping it on eBay when it arrives (Nintendo decided to post it to him, they ran out of Wiis!). Since a Wii AND it's signed by Martinez it'll be worth a mint. It was pretty amazing, got lots of attention from Nintendo people. When Martinez walked over to us I was pretty excited.
  9. Oh my God... I went to the Oxford St. one with 2 friends, one of whom dressed as a chain chomp. After loads of interviews (ONM, TV etc.) it was announced he'd won the Wii! Even before this Charles Martinez came over and chatted to us. He's even getting the Wii signed. Pics (some with me in) will be on the web. Unreal...
  10. Post Your Purchases

    You missed out the obvious 'because U R MR GAY'. I'll be getting this at Game tomorrow.
  11. I'll look out for you. Since it's a three hour window and they'll have loads of copies, I wouldn't bother going especially early. 17:30 would probably be fine. I wonder if there'll be an organised queue, considering the shop'll be open anyway.
  12. Well, it's tomorrow, so see you at the Oxford St. Game if your going! I'll have my DS with me, and any multiplayer/pictochat shenanigans will be done with my name as fatnickc. Remember guys, I'll have a blue 'What happens in the mushroom kingdom stays in the mushroom kingdom' t-shirt, so come and say hello! Or I'll have to do that to you - how embarrassing!
  13. I'll be going to the Oxford St. one, probably in a blue 'What happens in the Mushroom Kingdom stays in the Mushroom Kingdom' T-shirt. If you see me say hi!
  14. PGR4

    So how are people doing at GW: Waves? I've got about 1.5million, which is ~700th.
  15. Golden Joystick Awards

    I give up. Have 'fun'.