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  1. 13 hours ago, drahkon said:

    How far into it are you?

    Have played it for 30 minutes and was bored senseless.

    I'm about 1/2 way through the 3rd chapter, and now i feel this is getting like a chore.

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  2. 100 Years ago to the day, the Representation of the People Act 1918 came into law in the UK.  Meaning women over the age of 30 could vote for the first time.  The same act also changed the age men could vote down to 21.  Quite a historic day today, it's being commemorated with a scheduled 24 hour hunger strike outside Parliament.

  3. Damn, That's You!!! isn't on offer.

    On a serious note, at last.  6 months near enough it was on PS+, and it was included as a code in most 1st party games.

    Looking forward to RiME, heard some good things.  Nearly bought the game in the Holiday sale, but held off.

  4. 2 more games to finish up January 2018, which are Rocket League and Resogun.

    I finally finished career mode in Rocket League this month, i know it's taken a while but it was tedious playing the CPU (who are not very imaginative to say the least).  And i finished Resogun on Master and with all available ships, still can't Save all the Humans in each level.  I'll get there soon enough.

    Not bad, 4 games done this month.  Time to see what February has to offer.

  5. 22 hours ago, Happenstance said:

    I thought the Rumble was good overall, some fun spots as usual and I'm happy with the winners.


      Women's Rumble (Reveal hidden contents)

    Ronda Rousey coming out at the end was fucking terrible. Ignoring for a second how stupid she looked everytime she pointed at the Wrestlemania sign, it was just not a good time to debut her. Completely stole the moment from Asuka and the WWE should not have done it that way.

    Its also a shame that the commentators never mentioned that it was Piper's jacket she was wearing. All I could think was why is she wearing this jacket that is way too big for her? Sounds like it was a last minute gift from Piper's son.



    Same here, i thought bringing out Ronda right at the end to basically steal Asuka's moment was a terrible idea.  Just as i thought WWE couldn't ruin the moment, they did.  I knew they had to pad out the Women's match with veterans, because they only had 18 or so women on the main roster.  So it was nice to see the likes of Trish, Molly, Michelle, Tory and Lita entering the Rumble.

    I had initially thought they'd put Ronda in the Rumble at number 30 or something just to eliminate Nia Jax or something, but alas no.  But still, apparently she's got a full-time multi-year deal with the WWE, so will appear each week (unlike the current Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, also former UFC)

    Men's Rumble, Nakamura was a great choice for winning.  And we've got potentially AJ Styles main eventing Mania with Nakamura, which will be a great match.  Was surprised to see Hurricane Helms and Rey Mysterio make appearances as well.

    Overall, a great Rumble.

  6. The Women's Rumble has me excited, it's been a long time coming and i was hoping it would have come into frutition years ago.  I kind of wish i booked the day off tomorrow, was planning to stay up and watch.  But alas, i'll catch-up tomorrow night.

  7. Finished Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.  Not a bad game, it did have a near game breaking bug in Episode 3


    When you are talking to the Guardians in the bar, a fight is meant to occur between Gamora and Nebula.  You have to stop Mantis from talking otherwise Mantis will freeze on the table (she stands on it to talk, but comes down if you stop her) and nothing will happen.  And even then, afterwards you talk to Drax, Groot and Rocket which should start the fight between Nebula and Gamora, but it doesn't.  It'll work eventually, for me it worked when i spoke to Drax, Groot and then Rocket (in that order).

    Otherwise, it's pretty good.  It's got the typical Guardians humour.  And it has it's own mini Awesome Mix soundtrack (which has an option to make it streamer friendly if you stream)

  8. 44 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    This is gonna be a recurring thing, isn't it? People are gonna overlook that there's an actual software card included all the time.

    Aye, i know.  Let's say the software is approx £40.  Still pretty expensive cardboard though to cover the rest of the cost. 

  9. So, it's basically expensive printed cardboard.  I saw something on Twitter (and Eurogamer had the same), slap the Nintendo logo on anything and people will buy it.  I'm sort of agreeing with @Grazza with this.  Nintendo are seeing success with the Switch, in a similar way to the Wii.

  10. I have one gaming resolution in 2018, that is to finally finish Skyrim.  Been playing different versions since 2011, and have never finished it.  I do plan to get a Switch in 2018 as well, but that will depend on if i get a new job or not (or if i save enough).

    Looking forward to Spiderman and God of War coming this year.  And i might give Shadow of the Collusus a play as well

    First game of 2018 finished, which is Gravity Rush Remastered.  Loved the gravity defying world that you explore, the combat can be a little fiddly but it was good none the less.

  11. The Pro does have the extra power, which in turn does make playing existing games feel smoother over the Slim.  However the real benefit of a Pro is the 4k ability, so unless you plan to get a 4k TV down the line i'd not bother with a Pro personally.

    Otherwise, any help with deciding what games to purchase then many of us here can offer some solid advice.  And ultimately, now is a great time to get a PS4.

  12. Been keeping Prime around for watching Parks and Rec, but once that's done i'll be getting a Netflix sub back up and running.  Seems i've been missing a few shows, yet to watch Bright.