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  1. The only thing that was missing from TP was difficult and side quests, I think. Something that amazed me was how fun wolf link was to play as. When I first found about it, I thought it'd be something like being forced to play those tails and knucles levels in Sonic Adventure 2 (odd analogy, I know), but it was great.
  2. Windows 7

    You could try running in software mode. There is a launch option command but I don't know what it is (-soft I think). http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=558693 might work.
  3. Windows 7

    I posted that link on the last page :p
  4. Windows 7

    My bad, I meant GTA IV.
  5. Windows 7

    GTA IV and Vice City won't run on 64-bit....not sure about the others. edit: not san andreas..
  6. Windows 7

    You wouldn't happen to have an ASUS board, do you? Googling revealed that most people that have the problem have ASUS boards. Couldn't find a solution though. To K-project; Which older titles are you talking about exactly? edit: Bioshock doesn't seem to want to play ball....I suspect it might just be my copy though.
  7. Screen Resolution

    No 1920x1080?
  8. Windows 7

    It's RTM, I assure you. You can double check the hashes yourself, if you like. EDIT: They've added the French x86 and x64 versions. The keys are interchangeable with the English, so effectively it's 4 keys now.
  9. Windows 7

    Try typing in your email addy and then go 'forgot password'. If not, go ahead and email the MSDN Program Admin, as Cube suggested.
  10. Windows 7

    If any of you guys are students, you may be able to get a free Pro key through MSDN: http://www.msdnaa.net/search/schoolsearchIntl.aspx If you're school isn't on there, you can also become a member of ACM(http://www.acm.org) or IEEE(ieee.org) for a small fee and they'll give you an MSDN account, with OEM keys to a bunch of software, including Win 7 Pro. I personally signed up to ACM and am using the keys now. edit: It's 19usd for 6 month at ACM and $30, I think for 12 at IEEE.
  11. Wii General Discussion

    Unless each game is created twice, there's pretty much no way that this'll work. You can't scale games that well unfortunately. I think they're talking about HD in the next console, which is pretty much an obvious step.
  12. Zelda Wii: Does it need to change?

    Anyone got a link to the pic the article talked about? Only interesting thing from nintendos e3 tbh.
  13. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    Disappointing... The announcement of a new tales game is interesting, but apart from that, nothing.
  14. Melee, goddam that game was good.
  15. What's missing

    Honestly, I cannot think of one title that I'll be pumped for. Perhaps another Zelda, but I'd have my doubts.