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  1. Tetris 99 -- Available Today

    There's a reason Smash remixes almost all of it's Animal Crossing songs.
  2. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Uhhh... Pretty sure getting to max paint capacity in Colour Splash would take an insane amount of grinding! I think you're thinking of HP, which maxes out at 200 by the end.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    You smashed your dock with a hammer, didn't you?
  4. Oh yeah? On my Island, Cranston's making... A leaf. Cranston is... let's go with special. Yesterday, he sent me a letter talking about how it's weird to have more than one pair of shoes because he only has one pair of feet. And in that letter, he sent a pair of socks. So, yeah. Special.
  5. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    Stupid lockdown preventing me from going online and butchering mostly innocent monsters...
  6. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Except for money, more cards and those paint capacity upgrades?
  7. Anyone catch Charlie Brooker's Antiviral Wipe yesterday? He's still got it, wish he'd wipe more often. I lost it at "Singing Happy Birthday Twice"
  8. Nintendo Switch Online: SNES

    Online Panel de Pon is an amazing addition! Kudos! Let's face it, Tetris Attack was never happening with that title! So I'm glad they're giving us the Japanese version!
  9. Paper Mario: The Origami King

    Yeah, it was, but it was an utter bull argument because the world and visuals oozed personality. Colour Splash is also, by far, the funniest Paper Mario game. And anyone who tells you otherwise never played it. It gets a real bum rap because people hated Sticker Star. Sure, given the choice, I do prefer Thousand Year Door, but Colour Splash is a solid second place on my Paper Mario list. And now that I'm certain it's not getting the second chance it deserves on Switch, I'm gonna boot up my WiiU and play it again.
  10. BoJo there, getting upset that Starmer dared to call him out yesterday. Simply put, he's saying, "Keir is a big meanie because he said he'd work constructively with me, but now he's saying I'm wrong, that ain't constructive!" EDIT: My word, did the Health Minister really just say "a bad test is better than no test" on the BBC? Even I understand the dangers of false negatives, for crying out loud! I guess if that catchphrase worked for Brexit...
  11. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Yeah, with that utter circus of a relaxation, I'm not risking public transport. So, carry on with the Player's Choice for the foreseeable future. Reminder for @BowserBasher, @RedShell, @martinist, @viceview51, @Jayesse and @S.C.G
  12. General Switch Discussion

    I have the 3DS version of Colours. The obvious differences will be that there'll be no 3D capabilities and that you won't be able to use a Camera to easily snap a picture for reference. Even with a good capacitive stylus, the Switch screen also won't be as accurate as the 3DS one. I suppose if you can zoom in far enough, you can mitigate that downside, but it's worth noting. Then again, the resolution advantage would be quite nice, but I use Pokémon Art Academy and that already has an option to export a picture at high resolution, so I'm not sure whether I'd jump in on this. Definitely keeping my eye on it though.
  13. Yeah, that sounds a lot like Challenge Mode from Xenoblade 2.
  14. Oh right, I had to use my phone to snap this gem of a letter I received yesterday. I decided to send him a letter in response. It went like this: Dear Cranston, Firstly, thank you for the thing, I sold it for 500 Bells. But more importantly, if you have any issues that you need to talk about, know that I am always here to point you in the direction of the animal closest to me. You get way too close when we chat. Distantly yours, Glen.
  15. Don't listen to him @RedShell I'm still rocking that hoodie I designed in the first week.
  16. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    Ah, you did Vampire Castle immediately? That's interesting. Yep, although I mostly used it against the dragon bosses because they love to spam those "force weakness" moves. Bam! 2 BP to the whole party! Awesome. I've been really enjoying reading your strategies and team setup. You're going in a completely different direction than I went and still finding success. Which only goes to show how much flexibility the battle system has. I'll have to talk more about those summons when you see the credits, because they're very clever.
  17. If you're gonna do that, why not do it so you can go to a better beach?
  18. What the hell does "Control The Virus" even mean? Do I have to run around batting it over the head with a rolled up newspaper? I don't even buy newspapers! EDIT: Wait, I've cracked it! That graph gives me all the answers! I'm staying alert... at home.
  19. 3DS Console Discussion

    Is it the stupidly long password that's stopping you?
  20. Wait, is that how you get them? I've been wondering for ages why I haven't gotten any. I still have that Rocket Poster in my house despite Rocket never setting foot on my Island. Gotta get one of my current favourite villager, Cranston. As well as Fang. The rest can suck it though. Not worth it.
  21. General Switch Discussion

    I've never been so offended in all my life!
  22. General Switch Discussion

    That's a strong start, almost better than the 3DS entries. We'll have to see whether it can actually top the original versions 5.85 million. That'd be mad. Also agree with @Hero-of-Time's sentiment that Pokémon SW/SH doesn't deserve to batter so many better entries. Just a case of right place, right time, I suppose. It's still the best Pokémon game since Black 2/White 2 though.
  23. N-Europe Mario Kart 8 DX League 2020

    Mario Kart League reminder for @BowserBasher, @martinist, @S.C.G, @Jayesse, @viceview51 and @RedShell Apparently, the UK's lockdown will start getting a bit more relaxed from Monday. I'm hoping that visiting family will be more relaxed so that I can return to my League duties. Can't have you lot getting too used to Player's Choice, after all.
  24. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    Yep, that's the name. What were his parents thinking!? As for your point about the optionality of most of the asterisk holders. You'll be happy to know that Bravely Second does exactly what you want. Any asterisk holder that is part of the main plot is fought in the main plot, with some optional side stories rewarding you with optional jobs. The mad thing is that Second's mandatory asterisk fights are all new jobs not seen in Default. And some of them utilise some really cool mechanics.
  25. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (26th July 2019)

    Dude, that's the only way I can even stomach Fire Emblem. Grind everyone until the point where I can get through a fight with no deaths. Strategy? Nah! I just need to get stronger. On an unrelated note, my favourite FE is Shadows of Valentia.