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  1. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    I beat last night. I loved it. I'm going to try and get all the treasures now
  2. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    That looks class. I'm definately going to download it when it comes out
  3. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    He-man skit http://youtube.com/watch?v=1d6yJY_7oks
  4. Are rainbow 6 Vegas and oblivion launch titles for ps3

    What about Vegas I heard it was delayed
  5. Are rainbow 6 Vegas and oblivion launch titles for ps3
  6. Ratchet & Clank / Jak and Daxter

    I loved all the jak games even jak x
  7. Argos x-box 360

    #No. i think it is a mad catz wired one
  8. Argos x-box 360

    I won't be getting until 8th april as that is my birthday. So hopefully they will have announced it by then
  9. Argos x-box 360

    I was wondering if this is a good price.It costs €479.97 Its from argos[ireland]: Xbox 360 full version+additional controller+any two €39.99 games 39.99 games: 1.viva pinata 2.tomb raider legends 3.kameo 4.oblivion 5.chrome hounds 6.call of duty 2 7.the outfit 8.ghost recon 9.perfect dark zero 10.far cry 11.quake 4 12.prey 13.hitman 14.project gotham racing 3 15.moto gp 16.rockstar table tennis 17.football manager 2006 18.top spin 2 19.tony hawk's american wasteland
  10. The N-Europe Show - Hot Topic #5

    Yeah but it might get annoying having to swing your arm and stuff. I may end up getting it for wii and gamecube because the shops dont sell gamecube games I will have to order the gamecube version from the internet and the wii one will have to keep me entertained until it comes
  11. Sony to reveal the Wii Launch Date

    I realy hope so
  12. The N-Europe Show - Hot Topic #5

    Metroid, marvel ultimate alliance and Zelda[i may get it for gamecube instead as i think the gamecube control is more suited to zelda]
  13. Wii to be under £100?

    I would be willing to pay €200 for the wii or €230 for a wii metroid bundle
  14. i got a psp

    Should i go for tales of eternia or grand theft auto liberty city stories
  15. i got a psp

    I hear a lot of people say Tales of Eternia is crap and no where near as good as tales of symphonia but i think i will get it anyway Small Question:I know this is of topic but Is anyone here a member of the gamespot forums