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  1. DS/DSi General Discussion

    My girlfriend can't see it but them bottom screen has a slightly yellow tint to it which is quite noticable. Anybody else have this problem cause i don't know if it's just me and whether to take it back or not. The system itself though is so snazzy. I really didn't expect this much of an upgrade. There is a noticable difference in screen size compared to the lite. The ui is also really elegant and simple to use unlike the lites which seems so antiquated looking back at it. Can't wait to pop ouendon in to really test the updated sound. I had to take the lite back twice when i first got that cause of dead pixels.
  2. Super/Street Fighter IV

    Is anybody wanting to buy my SFIV fight stick? Probably used for 2 hours max. I bought it thinking I could get seriously into the genre but I'm just not wired that way. I'm putting it on e bay as well but if someone wants it on here I'll sell it to them. I'm in leeds if you want to pick it up. PM on reply on here if your interested.
  3. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    finally got myself a ps3. I was going to guy PJ:monsters earlier in the week but didn't have the funds. popped back on yesterday to snatch it up but it appears the encore pack has disappeared. anyone else notice? wonder if it's to do with the trophy patch
  4. GTA IV

    Anyone know of anywhere I can order the special edition for the 360? I want the art book so bad, even though it looks tiny!
  5. GTA IV

    Think I'll go looking round town for it then, I'm not gonna pay £70 for it though. I'll keep the order open just in case and I'll sell it later if I miracuously arrives later. I really haven't been this hyped for years. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells posters of that lollipop girl? I don't know why but I just think it looks great. Thank good someone does interesting art for their games.
  6. GTA IV

    I pre ordered the special edition at zavvi.co.uk last night, I thought i might have been a bit late because this morning I've got an e-mail saying it's on back order. Should i just cancel it and order from somewhere or sit it out? I wouldn't have thought take 2 would be sending any more SE out now. Dam me for only catching the GTA4 fever this weekend
  7. The World Ends With You - Squeenix Fashion-Dance-JRPG!

    Went to both the Games, gamestation, Zavvi and this small game shop in my city and none of them had the game. Very strange. I haven't bought a game week one in yonks but I thought I'd support this one as it really does seem to be getting alot of glowing reviews. Guess I'll pop into HMV tomorrow before I go to the pics.
  8. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    So I finally manage to find a memory card, at a decent price and some time to sit down and play portable opps. Loved the way they tell the story through the sketched panals. Looks really cool. Unfortunatly 10 minutes into playing it the textures on one of the guards seemed to smear across the screen and then another minute later the game freezes on me and won't turn back on. I left it for a couple of hours and tried monster hunter. 10 minutes in the game just freezes again. ARGHHHH Anyway, I was wondering if any of you guys would know if this is a result of a dodgy memory card or the sytem itself. I just don't want to exchange the system and put the memory card in again and the same thing happen, as I fear I may not be able to exchange the system a second time. Would really appreciate your guys thoughts.
  9. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Where did you get Jeanne D'Ark from and how much was it, if you don't mind me asking?
  10. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I'd say there's a strong case that you'll have too.
  11. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Thanks. Anyone know where there are some cheap memory cards?
  12. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I'll be putting some films and pictures on it so I think I should probably just be safe and get a 8GB one. Does it come with something so I can connect it to the computer or can I do it all when the memory stick is in the PSP connected to the computer via the usb port?
  13. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Oh god I didn't know you needed to buy a memory card to save your games. I thought i heard that the PSP have some on board memory. Jeez I'll have to fork out for that as well now.
  14. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I got my PSP. I've seen pics of it before but i never really realised how big the screen is. One thing though, can you update the firmware using USB? It seems the whole system is focused towards WiFi. Oh and also what cases do people use? I'm definitely not leaving this little beauty out. I'm accident prone
  15. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    Just went round town looking for any good PSP deals. Surprisingly the best one, well pretty much the only one, was at zavvi/virgin. You get system with either metal gear portable opps or burnout dominator for £130!!!. There were 3 other games you could get with it but they weren't any good from what i remember. I didn't get it there and because I'll wait till monday so I can use my mum's virgin card to get 10%. I'll probably get Monster Hunter 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics on the buy one get one free deal at game. Only annoying thing is that FFT is £30 so it'll be like getting em both for £15 which is pretty cheap but FFT seems overpriced. Oh yeah and I wish I didn't know about the American games industry sometimes so then I wouldn't have it in my mind that Patapon is $20/£10 when I'm walking round these shops and seeing it for £25. It totally turns me off from buying it till it drops in price, no mater how good it is.