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    • That looks like a cool dungeon crawler! I would definitely be interested if it was cheaper, so we'll see.   I'm glad to hear Luigi's Mansion has fared better, I saw an ad for TOTK in the cinema too, before the Mario movie I think, and it looked really rough. Not sure if that's just what 720p looks like blown up on the big screen or if for some reason the advert was even lower quality than in-game!   I haven't got Plumbers Don't Wear Ties yet! It definitely would have been something I'd have enjoyed back in the day for laughs, but doesn't seem my bag anymore, especially not now we don't get actual review codes and I'd have to buy it myself 
    • Got my copy from Nintendo store today. Forgotten most of the game so it’ll be nice to play through it again. 
    • For the first 10 hours or so, I was impressed by the scale of everything and the seamless transitions from the sky to the surface. There were so many ways to go and so many things to do.. so many boring ways to go.. so many.. tedious things to do.. I cleared it, somehow, but I barely remember any of the good stuff. The more I think about the experience, the more I hate it. The main thing I remember, apart from the 'relief' that it was over, was spending ages building stuff only to lose hold of it and have it fall into oblivion or somewhere irretrievable. When you have no interest in even entering a major part of the world, that's a big problem! Thinking about it, apart from a few insanely high highs, the Zelda series has very few games I actually really like..
    • Knife Edge: Nose Gunner
        NA release: 10th November 1998 JP release: 27th November 1998 PAL release: November 1998 Developer: Kemco Publisher: Kemco N64 Magazine Score: 42% Knife Edge: Nose Gunner (or just “Knife Edge” in Europe) is a lightgun shooter game that doesn’t come with a lightgun – the N64 itself never had a lightgun, either. A large part of the enjoyment of lightgun games is the manual aiming and firing, so this loses a lot from just moving a cursor and holding down fire. Spectacle is another big part of them, and this also misses there. The locations are rather bland and lifeless, with very little colour. The camera whizzes around the map, jerking around randomly with unnatural movements, and you have very little time to shoot anything. There are six short levels, although the game does provide replay value by offering you the option to select a different route at the start of each level. The game is so incredibly dull that you’ll have no desire to actually do this, but at least it’s an option. You’ll encounter some bosses, which do require you aim for certain parts, but this is mainly solved by wiggling the stick wildly while shooting and seeing what part of the boss flashes. That’s as advanced as the tactics get in the game. There is a dodge option, but the camera just slides slightly to the side so you have no idea if it’s actually done anything. If this was in the arcades with a proper lightgun, it might provide some entertainment, but would still be a very boring lightgun game. Remake or remaster? Nothing special needs doing with this game. Official ways to get the game. There is no official way to get Knife Edge: Nose Gunner
    • Some insiders said recently that they don't think the rumours are genuine. Nonetheless, Dusk Golem is often right when it comes to what he reveals. So it's kind of a pity that certain users online accuse him of being inaccurate, or not one to be trusted, when the guy has been spot on before about a lot of things. His track record is relatively fine, really.  
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