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Shovel Knight

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Just now, Glen-i said:

However, it is missing the multiplayer focused Shovel Knight Showdown, so keep that in mind.

Ah, there it is, that has to be the reason. Totally worth the 10€ discount in my book (in fact, that update alone costs 8,99€ in other stores, which makes this an extra nice, extra funny discount). I'm not sure if the 3DS does many eShop sales anymore, but I'll look to make that one a priority sometime this year. I really value portability.

By the time I first got the 3DS though, the original game had already been replaced by Treasure Trove (and it was in fact the first game I wishlisted), so it seems I missed the free updates by a lot. At least it's still easy to buy without investigating available DLC.

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