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HELP!! (Resident Evil 4 Ch 3-1 spoilers)

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PLEASE please please help me!!!!!! i'm playing Resident Evil 4 and I was playing it quite a lot for the rate I usually play games until a couple of weeks ago. Anyway I got to Chapter 3-1 and now I'm stuck.


Basically I'm at the castle and use the rifle on those 2 guys patrolling above and then get to the catapult. So I get Ashley to wait and go ahead to that room where the guys were patrolling then call here back so she doesn't die from the fire from the catapults.


Then the next step is to go up more steps to another place where catapults are being fired. Now if I leave Ashley behind people take her away and I fail. If I take here with me I fail because she dies from the fire. If I leave her in that room and then call her to me afterwards they still fire and I once again fail. I've yet to be stuck in this game and was loving it until this bit.


What do I do? Please God help.

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OK so i used the rifle to kill some catapultists but theres still some firing at me and I thought i'd got them all. I want to kill things. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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I can't remember that chapter perfectly but next to the people with the catapults there should be gas canasters, shoot them and they all should die, keep Ashley hidden at all time though in the little hut and then in the little tower bit futher one (hopefully I'm thinking about the bit your talking about :p)

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Thanks for your help. God, really think I was better off with my Dreamcast. Can't think of alot I've really enjoyed on my Cube. I always get so annoyed :-(

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as long as you keep her out of sight she should be ok, I took her down into where the cannon is ( a set of stairs on your left) and left her there, I think they got her once but I just ran down and killed them and left her again and finished killing the rest via the red barrels etc. Just put her in a place it takes them a while to get to one of their exits/red doors (which is the door you come in at the start of this section I think), this will give you enough time to go save her from most points in this section if needed.

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I've got ashley sorted now and managed to get rid of 3 of the catapults, but one fires at me when i try and get to the bit in the middle i'm supposed to get to. I just can't get to them to snipe them cus they fire at me. :'-(

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At the castle catapults area tell Ashley to stay where she is at that time and move a little forward attracting the monks. You can take them out with the handgun while they're coming down or use the sniper rifle to take them out from a distance.

For the coming area make sure first that Ashley is still standing where you left her and not following you since she can easily get killed here.


Move a little forward and you'll notice catapult fire coming down

from the heavens.

Its not that hard to dodge the fires as you can easily run past

them to avoid the blast, head forward and quickly climb the spiral

staircase in front of you. If you want to fancy yourself another

spinel check the fountain where the first fire hit. Once you got

it, start dashing to where the original monks were and head into

one of the rooms which has a big cannon inside it. This is a safe

spot for the time being so call Ashley over here. Dont worry about

her since the monks won't attack her if she's alone. Its Leon they

want to kill so badly.


When Ashley is with Leon once again, tell her to wait besides the

cannon again, once Ashley is safe and sound, head back out and go

through the courtyard again, turn towards the west side and quickly

dash under the little path here, you will be able to spot that red

robed monk from here and an explosive barrel thats not so far from

him can also be spotted. You now have to shoot this barrel and once

you do that the entire catapult thing will go kaboom. Do the same

thing for the other catapults that are firing at you.


Now once that is done, take the stairs up but immediately head back

down the same stairs, no im not an idiot, once you run up the stairs

a set of monks will come in from the entrance of this area and will

head straight for where you stored Ashley just a little while ago

but since you turned back quickly you will be able to safely take

them out before they are anywhere near Ashley. If you want to save

some ammo then run along the monks when they're going across the

courtyard and they'll probably be caught by a catapult fire or two.


Now that Ashley is safe once again, take the stairs up and we have

to take out the remaining catapults here, if you have the rifle

with you then its a definite plus point, the catapults have barrels

next to them which you need to shoot in order to dispose of them.

When all is done there will probably be 2 final catapults left near

the exit of this area, one of them will have a barrel next to it so

that one is easily diposed of, the other one however is a little

tricky since there's no barrel, you'll have to take out the person

operating the catapult. To do that you need to quickly head to the

eastern area and take out the guy from behind the shelter like area

and hopefully hit him quickly enough. Rifle should be your gun here.


If you want to proceed further then take note of the crank and use

it, and keep turning it by pressing the A button until the cannon

finally rises, use the cannon to blast a fire and the exit will

emerge for you to err.. exit. Before exiting you can find a gold

bangle on the southern side of this place.


Go through the opened path now and take the red door inside.


You will now come into a cramped area of the castle, you will find

a box of handgun ammo on top of the table here, take the platinum

sword from the plate on the wall, then you should tell Ashley to

stay right next to this area, while you proceed further, take the

stairs up and trick the cultists into coming down behind you and

take them out while they're on the stairs. That wasn't so hard.


Once you've killed these three monks, head back down and bring

Ashley back up with you, but as soon as your up turn around and

start shooting at the monks who are approaching behind you as soon

as you can, this ambush is a little hard to get through. The best

thing to use here is the shotgun but be aware of popping their

heads off since these monks are also equipped with dangerous Los

plagas like the villagers were, once you have taken all these out

look down the stairs and you will spot the red monk standing there

waiting for you, we'll just play it safe and its much easier to

take him out from here using the sniper rifle and some good head

shots. Once the red monk is dead, head to the plate on the second

floor area and take the gold sword from here, replace it with the

platinum sword and put the gold sword in the place of the platinum

one, and the door ahead shall unlock. Take the money that the red

guy drops since its a lot.

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