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  1. Haha could be a new spin on the 'Wii Fit' idea :p Yeah its looks like a MK:8.5 so far. Not only are there 2 item slots but King Boo is playable? Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember him being in it at all. The other games that were shown seem to have no HUD on the TV which is strange, I wonder why they seem to be hiding it. Some positives: 1) I liked how they focused on pro-gamers near the end. I like how they are reminding the hardcore that they have not been forgotten so I would hope their online system will be on par. 2) I like how it looks. Very sleek, sexy, PSP-stylee which is not a bad thing at all. 3) They showed what looked like a proper 3d mario game 4) The song in the reveal is so catchy. I've must have watch it about 10 times already :P
  2. At one point watching the trailer I got the impression that you could fit the "joy-con" around a smartphone device - it looks like there might be enough space (albeit it might only be compatible with certain phones etc). Who knows I'm just speculating. :P I don't think that the docked-screen is going to have touch control. How could you use the touch screen when its docked? It could be used for certain "on the go" parts of the game but even then it will be a bit weird. Anyway I can't wait to hear more about the games
  3. I'm not impressed. It looks nice but the controllers look really small and uncomfortable. Nintendo are describing this as a home system? BBC are saying something different (uh-ho here we go again) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37713938 I need to know more about the games and online functionality before I can say anything. Right now I just feel let down and annoyed. Did Nintendo really think Sony and Microsoft were going to steal this idea? The screen/handheld looks like a PSP to me.
  4. 3 mins? I'm not that hyped. Knowing Nintendo it will bring up more questions than answers.
  5. BG&E + Splinter Cell NX exclusive. Ubi Luv
  6. A hybrid device doesn't appeal to me at all. There is always screen-mirroring (or some simple tech along those lines) for those who want to play their handheld games on the TV. I really hope there is more to it than just 'take your games on the go' pish. Nintendo are really rubbing me up the wrong way at the moment
  7. I now own a Wii U

    As the ol' saying goes, once a WiiU is packed it can never be unpacked.
  8. Your favourite Smash, Kart & Party

    A tough choice between MK:SC and MK:8 but if I had to choose one then it would have to be MK8. The courses are amazing, the handling of the karts is perfect the graphics are solid. Like someone else said that battle sections are poor and playing online could have been done better (VC, teams, tourneys etc) but with its lack of proper online functionality, it is one of my favourite MK games so far. I've only ever played Melee for the GC so it would have to be that by default. I've never played a Mario Party game
  9. I believe certain things have leaked but because there have been so many rumours and chat along side it we just don't know what to believe. I was with Nintendo at first with hush-hush approach but now I think they are just taking the piss. They can at least announce some info without sharing the actual secret but noooooooo. I have a feeling though it will be delayed to either summer or even fall 2017. With Scorpio having a fall 17 release and pro being Dec 16 - with Mario run ie mobile sales to please the shareholder in Mar/Apr 17 - I think they may delay it. I just really want my favourite Nintendo games to come back. I have bought a Ps4 and xbox1 for my 3rd party games. I also expect industry standard online functions. I would have bought Starfox if it had online play. Jus' sayin' lol
  10. I honestly hope this is not true. I know Nintendo said that they are not continuing with the Wii brand but I can't help but feel that they are lying. They seem to be continuing with the Wii philosophy just without the Wii brand. (blue ocean, under powered etc) but I hope I'm wrong. The Hybrid idea has never got me excited and looking at the potential leak is just pissing me off. Like many people have said before me - with respect to consumer confidence - NX could be make or break for them. Saying all that, I can't wait until they reveal the damn thing and I pray to the Nintendo gods not to fuck up again.
  11. Wii U eShop Thread

    Just to let those who are interested in Batman Arkham City know that the wii u armoured edition is £4.95 here
  12. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Batman Arkham City Armored Edition wiiU £4.95 at the game collection Beats the eShop sale
  13. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    I managed to grab the MK8 bundle for £199 £206.10 is still a brilliant price if you missed out first time round. Also got a brand new sealed copy of ZombiU for 4.95 at the game collection and Rayman Legends brand new and sealed for 13.98 at shopto just 15 more until I get the console. Can't wait
  14. I bet he was also predicting Nintendo going bust back in the cube days. What an idiot.
  15. Best alcohol when on a diet?

    Vodka & soda water. The only calories would be in the vokdka which is very little