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16 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

Iago Im Gonna Have A Heart Attack GIF - Iago Im Gonna Have A Heart Attack  Aladdin - Discover & Share GIFs


I haven't watched that movie in years, and I can still hear that Gilbert Gottfried delivery as if I'm watching it now!

That said, I think it's an interesting discussion to see how people feel about utilising glitches and where their line would lie.

Take other famously glitchy N64 game, Ocarina of Time. There's a little bug where if you perform a jump slash, then perform a crouch stab (Holding R, then pressing B while not Z targeting), the crouch stab does double the damage than it should.

I use that trick loads, I think it makes the game more fun. I also walk backwards across Hyrule Field all the time, because it's much quicker. Does that count as a glitch?

While I love watching all sorts of speedruns, I normally don't like actually using big glitches that involve going "out of bounds", because I don't find it engaging. I enjoy watching it though, because it involves a lot of high level execution and memorisation to pull off. (They tend to look silly too, which is a bonus.)

Hell, what about that infamous exploit in Zelda 2's final boss? Who here hasn't used that!?

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48 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

Not sure I agree with this line of thinking.

First of all, loads of games have a separated "No Major Glitches" category for speedrun records, precisely for those speedrunners who want to play a game as intended. Even in a famously glitchy game like Super Mario 64.

Secondly, you're giving the impression that a speedrun that involves glitches doesn't require consistent high level gameplay? In a lot of cases, these kind of glitches are harder to pull off then playing the game in a more standard way. Not always, but most of the time.

I played through Super Mario 64 on NSO when it dropped, but because I played it on 3D All-Stars quite recently, I didn't want to go through all of it, so I went for a 16 star run, which involves pulling off a few glitches to skip some star doors. It was a fun way to play through the game in a way I don't normally try. It kept things fresh.

Fairy nuff but you can replay games like DKC, Mario, Starwing, etc on these services by utilising legit faster routes rather than exploiting the binary like a pr0.

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Haven’t watched the new Summoning Salt yet, but I will do so tonight! :D

But even before I watch it, I’m confident in saying that this video shows why NSMB Wii is still the best 2D Mario game ever made…. Because it is! :peace:

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