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  1. Guitar Hero Disc Replacement

    oo there's one just underneath "Rock" sort middle right, is that the one? thanks, my rage is fading
  2. I recently got my disc back from the disc replacement program, and it looks the same as the old one. On the American exchange site it shows that the remastered ones have a star above activison, my new disc hasnt got this but as this is not on the europe site, I was wondering if this is normal and the remastered discs look the same for PAL. Does anyone have a remastered disc and whats it look like.
  3. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    hey guys Do the Xbox arcade systems come with the 65nm fans and falcon chipset (or whatever the new stuff is called) , also is it true there's a price drop in September, Please reply Im oiled and waiting Thanks
  4. Super Mario Galaxy

    Thanks for the info Makes 1 ups abit pointless then, well I mean , theres so many, I would like to have a collection.
  5. Super Mario Galaxy

    Say I have 20 lives by the end of a game and save and turn it off, when I come back to play I'm back to 4 lives. Also there's a letter from peach giving 5 1 ups but its the same word for word every time. Everything else saves except the 1 ups. Is this meant to happen? Its abit suspicious especially with the recurring letter with 5 1ups.
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    booooooooooooooooooooo OK thanks for the info, i really appreciate it, you own. Funnily enough I know someone called Jordan, who also owns. MICHEAL JORDAN OF CHICAGO BULLS AND SPACE JAM! His sooooooooo good at slam dunking. Its a good thing he stopped playing baseball.
  7. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    hey I want to buy another 360, have all the hardware issues been sorted with the consoles in the shops now?, if I buy an elite will I get red rings and disc errors? Is there a version of the console which will defiantly not have all the old crappy gizmos in there? Pleeeeeeeeeeease someone respond to me, I give you cake = cake is a lie = old joke.
  8. Dreamcast power

    I just baught a black dreamcast from Japan. It is slick and nice, got shenmue1,2 and jet set also. Iv been told if I plug it in it will blow up. Can someone show me the kind of adapter I need to get. The dreamcast is AC 100v and I live in U.K Thanks dudes:heart:
  9. Ban

    ^ for being a prick
  10. Smoking

    I smoke cigars because I look sexy doing it
  11. Removing the b33r belly

    sex yourself while doing one arm push ups. dont stop till you pop
  12. What the Hecky Thump Are You Doing Up?

    sexing my hand up