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  1. Hey There!

    I have said to give him his god damned account. This pertains to this forum. What do you mean? He did check his email. As I said once and I'll say it again. He joined without hesitation and it was his home computer.
  2. Tell me who Kirby is. I don't know who he/she is by the way and I'm no hacker. I was a video game player the whole time.

  3. Excuse me. I just wanted a friend's account activated. He said he couldn't post and he wants to.

  4. Hey There!

    Give me my brother's friend's account. We're not related.
  5. Will you just leave me alone

  6. Hey There!

    Where is my brother's friend's fucking account? Why did you send me a warning? Maybe he wanted to come too. It was his home computer.
  7. The person you were looking for made an account on this forum so the admins need to activate him.

  8. Hey There!

    Please just help him get his account activated. He can make posts in here and take it from here.
  9. Hey There!

    I did none of that stuff. And who is Kirby?
  10. I don't have anything to do with the moderating of the forum, so I can't help.

  11. Hey. My brother's friend Max recently joined this forum and he can't post. Anyway he wanted to post to prove that I'm not him and my brother was really his high school friend, nothing more.

  12. Genuine Max. And because I always tell the truth, everything he says must be a lie. Or maybe it is true and he thinks that I'm him. I'm not Max. Anyway, if you can remove my infraction, I'm sorry. My intent was to teach this idiot a lesson.

  13. You know we don't appreciate blatant slander about any member right? I find it highly unlikely that everything he says is a lie.


    What's your brother's friend's username?

  14. Ashley, my brother's friend just joined but he's unable to post. Can you help with that? Also don't listen to Serebii. He's lying about everything.

  15. In case you didn't know, I didn't post on anyone's Livejournal yet. I am trying to activate my account. I am not Max and he may come on to prove it. My Blissey was stolen because some stupid idiot gave me a hacked Shaymin from Diamond caught in a Cherish Ball. Does Max trade Pokemon on your site too? I'd like to hear it and on AIM, I'm getting other people to believe I'm not him.