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  1. Hehe I work in "Tech Support" and a customer once rang in with a problem like that. PC World upgraded 3 of his computers. 1 with new ram 2 with new ram and graphics card. The two with the new graphics card boots straight to no signal. It seems common that people will plug it into the usual slot cause they're so used to it or they don't know that upgrading from integrated to an agp/pci/pci-e one that they'll have to plug it in there. Of course, I advised him to locate the lower connector and it works
  2. Recommend me some 5.1 speakers

    I knew the 5400 which were the non-wireless versions were being discontinued. Ebuyer wa selling them for £130 which was an absolute bargain. I thought the 5450s were kinda replacing them as the wireless ones. Front 3 are all done by the front box. The rear 2 speakers are connected to the rear box which is plugged in.
  3. Native Screen Resolution

    I've got two 20inch widescreen monitors, both 1680x1050 and it's certainly noticeable when it's not the native resolution. Generally, these kind of screens need to be at their native resolution unless CRTs. I've even had people come to me complaining their screen is all blurry and a simple resolution fix solved it.
  4. Well er.. Stock speed here for E6700 <_< EDIT: ^^^^ Yes I dont know why I posted mine even after I saw yours but hey, it beat the other E6700
  5. Heh what! I played through a few times and never knew that My favourite is the main bit that I remember, at the start, when you've first started. The fact that everything is new to you, and you're surrounded by an endless supply of villages, and you're hiding in the house and they're all trying to get in. OH NOES!
  6. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    It looks good. I always forget about the items as well and when I do use them, I have no idea what happened.. The MegaStrikes are quite useless against other human players, they're so easy to block!
  7. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    Yay it just arrived :3 Now I have to plug my Wii in ;(
  8. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    My post still hasn't arrived yet o_O
  9. HDTV Thread

    Ah thanks, I think the ones I'm looking at are even older models though. But generally, the differences seem to be mainly touch sensitive buttons and well, mainly appearances...
  10. HDTV Thread

    Hey guys. Does anyone know about Samsung HDTVs? The ones that came out around a year or two ago are now pretty cheap compared to the newest models. But does anyone know the difference between them? I mean, would it be a better idea to buy the newer models?
  11. Wii S-Video vs Composite (56k Warning)

    I play my Wii on my Dell 2005FPW through composite and it easily looks as blurry as in those screenshots. Shame I still havent figured out a way to use DVI and S-Video apparently doesnt work with PAL Wiis. ((((
  12. European Wii Preorders

    Mine has changed to order with a dispatched date of "Today". But it's still Friday reallly.
  13. European Wii Preorders

    Gameplay is owned by GAME?!
  14. New Pc from Dell!

    But that's a E6300 + 7300GS vs. E6400 + 7900GS. I'd rather go for the 7900GS really! The 7300GS is a bit <_< Anyway, just build your own, more fun. Core 2 Duo E6600 £220 Asus P5B Deluxe - £140 2gb Ram - £180~ 250gb HDD - £55 PSU - £50 Case - £50 7900GS- £120 That's like .. £850. And it'll be much better at overclocking with that motherboard too.
  15. Windows Vista Beta?

    I have RC2 Vista installed and Need for Speed: Most Wanted runs horrible compared to on XP. And this is on a E6700, 2gb ram , 7900GS.