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  1. Iun

    Ha! Thanks man, no worries! Hellish at work these days so I had barely any time to register that it was anything special!

  2. Actually it's not China - they've got a really relaxed view of piracy. Lets face it: DVDs are on sale for 50p in some places, games cost no more than £1 if they are on a disc and there are thousands of R4s out there.


    The issue is the UK because they know about all the piracy!


    Anyway, you've piqued my interest so I'm going to buy it regardless. Then if I can work out a way to get it to you, I will.

  3. My only concern would be physically getting the stuff to you - not supposed to send DVDs out of China. Maybe I could put it on a memory stick, it depends on how it needs to be installed.

  4. Yes:





    Some of those items are downloads, some are DVDs. I'm a bit knackered at the moment (staring at computer all day) but I can find more info out for you tomorrow if you want.

  5. Iun

    Meh. I've been stockpiling Coke, Sprite and Mountain Dew - everyone else is hoarding water. I figure that when the smoke clears everyone will be sick to death of water, so I've got plenty to trade. :D

  6. That...is not a bad idea.

  7. Iun

    Patience, foo' I clicked it up earlier and didn't check if it worked. I'm on it in minute.

  8. Oh man, it happens all the time, y'know. There's a new proposed rail link to the outskirts of the city to the International airport... called the the "F-Link".


    What's worse, the fact that we have nothing better to do than notice random rubbish, or the fact that it reminds us of our beloved internet forum?


    The line just isn't clear for me anymore...

  9. I will do what I can, got a good contact in the medical profession here, so hopefully that will help! Remind me again in a week if I've not gotten back to you, things are hellish right now with work!