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  1. Sea of Thieves (XBO/PC) - New Rare game

    Sorry to bump such an old thread, but I'm looking for someone to play Sea of Thieves open beta with. With mic of course since this game kind of depends on it with the multiplayer. GT: Adrian DX And again sorry to bump and sorry if LFG stuff isn't cool.
  2. Yo dude!

    Addy me on Switch for Puyo Puyo Tetris :)


  3. Puyo Puyo Tetris

    Just got the game today. Ended up getting a US version as they were cheaper. To my luck I got the day one edition (Even though the listing made no mention of this). The english dub is making my soul hurt, but at least we finally got an eastern release for this title. Will be down for online matches if you're looking for more players to play with
  4. Yooka-Laylee

    Kickstarted it, chose Wii U version, changed to Switch verison and then realized that the Switch version is coming out later. Tried e-mailing Playtonic, but haven't been replying this past month so I haven't been able to switch to PS4, Xbone or PC version Anyone else here have the same situation?
  5. Splatoon 2

    That's one way of looking at it. Personally I've never benefited voice chat with strangers in an online game. If I need voice communication, I don't have a problem launching Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak etc. on a mobile device or PC while I'm playing. Edit: Dunno if anyone is up at this hour trying to play again (04:29 GMT+1). But I'm having real trouble finding players. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Splatoon 2

    11/10. No whiny kids or the likes were destroying my eardrum :p
  7. The Miitomo friends thread

    I've followed everyone on Twitter Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adrian.tanem Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdrianDX
  8. Super Mario Maker Level IDs

    I remade the first stage from Mr. Gimmick 7115-0000-0040-A31A Also check out my Maze of Unwanted Mushroom. No one has been able to beat it yet and I'm really looking forward to someone clearing it so pleae give it a go if you're a pro :P EFE9-0000-0036-96EE
  9. Splatoon

    How long does Splatfest last until? I thought it started at 17:00 today, but it didn't start until 19:00 *time confused* (GMT+1)
  10. Splatoon

    The game really should have had a tutorial based on the online mode that forces the player to use all the sub-weapons at least once so everyone understands how the beacons, echolocator and such works >_<' --- Looking forward to the new map. I'm guessing snipers will (for once?) be really effective on this one.
  11. Splatoon

    Well when you first join a game I've experienced it tries to balance out the levels. After hitting 20 I'm usually dropped right in to games with only lvl. 20 players. The imbalance I believe starts happening when friends join each others games. For example a friend of mine came over with his Wii to play "LAN" the day he got Splatoon. I was already at lvl. 15 and I could easily join his Lvl. 1 game which made life hard for all the other newbies. But after a round or two of continuing, the game had found one more lvl. 20 player and we were never on the same team. But yeah. I have encountered totally messed up matchmakings as well. Buuuut then again, Splatoon really doesn't depend that much on what level the players are. It's just an indicatior of how much experience that player actually has playing. The only unbalancing factor imo. is the fact that not all players have access to the same gear due to level limitations. Oh yeah?! --- By the way. I just checked out the mini-games and I noticed in Squid Beatz I don't have songs 20, 21 and 22 unlocked. Anyone have these? Where are they from? I'm guessing there's something in the game I haven't done yet even though I'm pretty sure I've done absolutely everything (level up to 20 and completed all SP missions + almost all Amiibo missions (missing 2 limited ink levels and 2 bosses on the Squid Amiibo)) --- Also how does the whole Splatfest Sea Snail thing work? I got 4 of them as a member of team Rock and I don't think I played _that_ much Ranked? How is it all calculated? How many did members of Team Pop receive? *Confused*
  12. Splatoon

    When you reach lvl. 20 the spiky-haired dude in the alley can give 1&2-slot items more slots (costs 30k, I'm not sure if you go straight from 1 slot to 3 though, if someone knows please share). And he can also randomize all 3 slots for you (I'm guessing this also costs 30k, I haven't really tried any of these options yet).
  13. Splatoon

    Is there any way to get rid of gear in the game? Selling or just simply throwing gear away would be nice since I decided to just buy everything the first few days I was playing, so now I've got a bunch of 1-slot gear filling up my equipment screens >_<' I do realize I could increase slots on all of them, but that will take a loooong time and cost alot of money that I'd rather use on other stuff :P
  14. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    Still no word on how much [or little] the Wii U pad will be used with this huh? I'm really stoked for this as long as it's not completely gimped Wii U Pad function- and graphics-wise.
  15. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Anybody on here have Ticket to Ride? Me and the family bought the board game for Christmas and I got hooked. Want someone to play with xP Add my GT =)
  16. Earthbound

    Seeing how Mother (1) was really horribly balanced, I think a re-realese of some sort would make sense. Readjust everything in the game, up the graphics a bit and release it worldwide... Aaaand now I'm just dreaming. Stoked to see what Mr. Itoi has up his sleeves though.
  17. Awesome stuff, will sit down and watch this later. Just to once again remind me of how Rareware/Rare/video games in general was so much better in the "old" days =p
  18. 3DS XL

    So I'm thinking of importing me a white 3DS XL. Any drawbacks from that? I bought a DSi in the US and I couldn't purchase stuff from the DSi Shop. Is this going to be an issue again? And will it also not list Norway as a region since it'll be a japanese console (The white is only released in Japan, right?).
  19. 1. Through Beetlejuice 2. Through BASEketball 3. By simply listening to it Theory proven wrong =P Damn catchy and funny song tho. ^^, I'll probably be hearing this for the rest of the evening. --- I've been loving this for a month or so now; Spotify
  20. Earthbound

    I remember palying this on emulator back in the day.. I only played as far as to walking up to the police near the meteor and not understanding what I was supposed to do though lol =p Sat down with my mate about a month ago and we started playing it. And man did I miss out. This game is amazing. I can't believe how such a great game can be overlooked by NoA/NoE just because they messed up the initial US release. Also it baffles me how it seems no other RPGs since have borrowed many of the genius game mechanics from it.. Such as the instant death system, the fact that you don't have to enter battles that you are too powerfull for, and that you actually see the enemies sneak up on you. I know some games do use some of these features, but way too few do if you ask me. Anyways, I'm still playing it and I recently got to the dark town with the circus tent.
  21. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Hey, does anybody here know if Tony Hawk Shred for the 360 has any functionality that allows two boards to be used to play simultaneous multiplayer? (And yes I do not need to be informed how shit this game/peripheral is =P) Sorry if I should have made a seperate thread, just felt this was the safer alternative =)
  22. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    Gawd, looking at these pictures... I'm apologize the vulgarity. But THESE pics could make me come loads. Ever since I was 7 I've been dreaming of playing OoT on a handheld. It's just so perfect that they actually take the time to remake it. Just hope to god they don't f it up.
  23. 3DS Console Discussion

    Hmmm.. by looking @ Dyson's avatar & sig I just realized that I deeply want Scott Pilgrim the XBLA game to appear on the 3DS. 4 Player on that thing is always epic... untill the xbox freezes ofc. >_>; But yea, no confirmation on DoA's release date yet eh? I see the wiki changed. Not that wiki is to be trusted by heart but yeh >_<
  24. 3DS Console Discussion

    So I've been looking back a few pages to find an answer to this question with no luck; Out of the europe release titles, which ones are actually worth picking up? I'm considering Pilotwings, Nintendogs, Street Fighter and maybe Super Monkey Ball and Ridge Racer. But I've often experienced Ridge Racer being really shitty, and I can't recall having played a good monkey ball game since monkey ball 2 on the cube.
  25. Headphones

    Hmmm, I've recently been thinking of getting a real good headset as well. A month back I used Koss Porta Pro, but now I'm rocking some old Koss UR-40's. Good headset, I just wish they were able to play a little louder while I DJ. My dream headset would have 5.1 possibilities for gaming, cover my ears, but not be ridicolously big (like Roccat Kave) and still have awesome sound (like Roccat Kave). I'm not sure if such a headset even exists cause there's a lot of contradictions between my wishes, but I'd imagine it'd cost a fortune. Any of the ones mentioned up till now qualify?